12-Year-Old Girl Takes Center Stage During Pink’s Concert, Leaves Everyone Awestruck with Her Remarkable Voice


For many of us, the notion of catching the attention of our beloved sports figures, actors, or musicians while they’re captivating millions seems like a distant and unlikely fantasy.

Yet, for 12-year-old Victoria Anthony, this dream actually came true. In 2018, Victoria had the remarkable opportunity to attend Pink’s concert in Vancouver, Canada.

Amidst the electrifying atmosphere of the Rogers Arena concert, Pink surprised everyone by inviting Victoria onto the stage, a moment that Victoria will undoubtedly cherish forever. What transpired next was even more astonishing. Pink, too, was taken aback as she listened to Victoria’s remarkable singing. The world is home to extraordinary young vocal talents, and you’ve likely had the privilege of hearing a few. I, myself, have witnessed these little powerhouses deliver captivating performances, from soul-stirring a cappella pieces that brought tears to my eyes to show-stopping acts alongside full-fledged bands. And when you close your eyes and let the music wash over you, many of these young singers possess a vocal prowess that rivals that of any adult.

Prior to Pink’s show as part of her Beautiful Trauma World Tour in 2018, Victoria Anthony had initiated a social media campaign with the aspiration of capturing the star’s attention. The media subsequently caught wind of this plea, and Anthony soon became an internet sensation.

According to reports from CTV News, during the concert, Pink directly addressed the audience and inquired about the 12-year-old sensation she had read about in the news. Pink then asked, “Are you the one I’ve seen in the headlines? Would you like to come up and sing something?”

As accounts detail, Anthony attributes the campaign’s inception to her mother. She had shared videos of herself singing Pink’s songs on various social media platforms. When Victoria finally ascended the stage, she graced everyone with a rendition of Pink’s song ‘Perfect.’ Both Pink and the audience were deeply moved and impressed by her performance. Pink later admitted that she wouldn’t perform the same song herself, fearing that she might be overshadowed.

Witness the incredible moment when Victoria’s dream turned into reality by watching the video below:

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