Puppy Left Abandoned in Forest with Belongings, Awaits Rescuer’s Compassionate Gaze

Hank once had a family, but they heartlessly abandoned him in the woods, leaving him alone with a broken leg, an unopened bag of food he couldn’t access, his bed, and a few old toys. Fortunately, a compassionate Good Samaritan discovered him sitting quietly on his dog bed amidst the trees and immediately contacted the local animal shelter.

Upon learning that he was being taken to the veterinary hospital, Hank’s spirits lifted, and his tail began wagging. The organization “Humans and Animals United” expressed their disbelief and concern, sharing on their Facebook page, “Only a puppy at 8 months old yet has been through so much. His tail started wagging once he knew he was being taken into the veterinary hospital. We cannot imagine why anyone would dump him with a broken leg. Left him with his bed, toys, and food in the woods. Whoever you are, please know that Hank is now safe and will never ever be hurt again.”

Initially, those who rescued Hank feared he might display aggression due to his survival instincts, but they soon realized that he was nothing but a gentle and affectionate soul. “He was nothing but love from the moment they got him,” remarked Rosa Fond, the founder of Humans and Animals United, to The Dodo. “Everybody says that he’s the sweetest dog.”

Without delay, Hank was rushed to the veterinarian, who confirmed that he had been suffering from a broken leg for over two weeks. The pain was so unbearable that he had remained motionless on his dog bed. To ensure Hank received the critical care he needed, Humans and Animals United intervened, preventing him from being euthanized, as stated in Facebook posts.

Although Hank required major surgery, he needed to regain weight before the procedure could be performed. Since it was unclear how long he had gone without food, it was evident that he had become emaciated by the time he was found. The veterinary hospital staff showered him with love and attention during this period. Hank’s story garnered substantial attention online, leading to an influx of donations to cover his surgery and care expenses. People were astounded by the cruelty he endured, unable to fathom how someone could mistreat such a gentle dog.

Thanks to the generosity of those who donated and rooted for him, Hank’s first surgery was a success. However, he would require some time to recuperate. Humans and Animals United reported that he remained extremely underweight, with his bones visibly protruding. As a result, he received frequent small meals throughout the day to help him gain weight. While currently in a temporary foster home, Hank would soon be transferred to a specialized foster home catering to cases like his, providing him with the best opportunity to regain strength and recover from surgery. Once Hank reaches a healthy state, he will be eligible for adoption.

Numerous inquiries flooded in from individuals interested in adopting Hank, yet an official forever home had not yet been chosen. The rescue organization expressed their gratitude, saying, “So thankful for the Good Samaritan that found him and everyone involved in his care. I know he will have a wonderful life from here on out.”

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