3-Year-Old’s Vow to Marry Childhood Sweetheart Comes True Two Decades Later with a Heartfelt Proposal

We all cherish the memories of our childhood sweethearts, that first love we solemnly vowed to marry someday while we were still in single digits.

For Matt Grodsky, this was no idle childhood fantasy. At the tender age of 3, he boldly stood in front of his preschool class and declared his intention to marry his childhood sweetheart, Laura Scheel.

Their love story began with a magical encounter at their school in Phoenix, Arizona, where love at first sight sparked between them. To anyone who witnessed their bond, they were undeniably the most adorable couple.

“We have cherished memories of each other,” the couple reminisced, with Matt quoting movie lines and scenes from “The Lion King,” and Laura teaching Matt how to draw and swing. Playdates at each other’s homes and family movie nights were their cherished moments, as reported by Obsev.

Their friendship blossomed to the point that they even started spending weekends together. While their parents initially dismissed it as puppy love, these young lovebirds proved everyone wrong.

“One of my earliest memories is standing up in front of my preschool class at the age of 3, declaring that I would marry her someday,” Matt fondly recalled to PEOPLE, even back then, vowing, “Just you wait.”

However, their paths diverged when they attended different elementary schools, and they could only catch glimpses of each other through family Christmas cards exchanged between their households.

Their fate took an intriguing turn when a mutual friend reunited them in high school, and they embarked on a romantic journey. Yet, college separated them once more, with Laura attending Northern Arizona University and Matt enrolling at Columbia College Chicago, over 1,600 miles away.

Undeterred by the distance, they resolved to make their long-distance relationship work. After a freshman year filled with trials and errors, they finally devised a visiting schedule that accommodated both of their academic pursuits.

However, Matt’s commitment to Laura was steadfast and unwavering. In their senior year, he orchestrated a heartfelt reunion where it all began – their preschool.

After securing her father’s blessing and covertly positioning a family member to capture the moment, Matt knelt down and popped the question. Laura, overcome with emotion, exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, is this happening?” She gazed at the ring and exclaimed, “This is gorgeous. I’m so happy with it.”

As a poignant touch, Matt’s brother presented a picnic basket, the same one their father used when proposing to their mother, filled with bridal magazines and sparkling cider. With that, he left the newly engaged couple to bask in the joyous occasion.

On December 30, 2016, these childhood sweethearts, who had vowed to marry as toddlers, finally exchanged their vows in a heartwarming ceremony.

Grodsky’s uncle, who officiated the wedding, aptly remarked, “For most preschoolers, it’s all about finding snacks and nap mats, but for them, it was about finding their soulmates.”

Their enduring love story is a testament to the enduring power of true love. Not many couples have the privilege of preserving photos of their toddler days together, making their journey even more remarkable. We extend our warmest wishes to this extraordinary couple, hoping for many more decades of happiness together. Please share their heartwarming story to inspire others.

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