6-Year-Old ‘Superhero’ Big Brother Rescues 2-Year-Old from Pool Drowning in South Carolina

A 6-year-old boy is receiving acclaim for his heroic actions after he leaped into a residential pool to rescue his 2-year-old sibling.

Atticus Whitlock was enjoying a gathering at his grandparents’ house in Anderson County on July 4 when his younger brother, Anson, accidentally fell into the water, as reported by CNN and FOX affiliate WHNS-TV.

Initially unsure of the situation, Atticus quickly assessed the scene and was horrified to discover his brother’s peril. He recounted, “I noticed something floating on the water’s surface while wearing my goggles. I dove underwater and realized it was Anson.”

Savannah Whitlock, the boys’ mother, revealed that she was near the pool but remained unaware of the incident until Atticus sprang into action.

Fortunately, Atticus managed to reach the bottom of the pool, grab his brother, and bring him to the surface, according to reports. Observing the commotion, their mother swiftly joined them by jumping into the pool herself.

“I embraced them both tightly and expressed to Atticus, ‘I am incredibly proud of you,'” Whitlock shared, as reported by CNN. Local emergency responders also commended Atticus for his bravery, with Savannah recounting, “The ambulance driver and the fire department requested to speak with Atticus. They took him aside and conveyed, ‘You saved your brother’s life.'”

Had it not been for his elder brother’s intervention, the young boy would likely have remained in the pool for a prolonged period.

“Thankfully, a watchful eye from above granted Anson a superhero in the form of his big brother,” their mother expressed to WHNS-TV.

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