A Decade Ago, Conjoined Twins Underwent Groundbreaking Surgery; Today, They Have Blossomed into Independent Adults

Meet Isabelle and Abby Carlsen, two incredible girls who came into the world as conjoined twins, sharing their chest, abdomen, liver, small intestine, and even two intertwined hearts. Their birth was nothing short of a miracle, capturing the attention of the world at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota over a decade ago.

However, their parents faced a daunting decision as surgeons prepared for the delicate task of separating them. At that time, the odds were stacked against them, as 60 percent of such procedures resulted in fatalities. The burden of fear and worry weighed heavily on their parents’ shoulders.

On May 12, 2006, a team of 17 skilled surgeons embarked on the 12-hour-long operation to separate the twins. The process was nerve-wracking, particularly when it came to severing the shared liver. The wait for the family was agonizing, but thankfully, the procedure went according to plan, and both girls survived. They did have to spend the initial six months of their lives in hospital rooms, but their resilience and strength were evident from the very start.

Fast forward to today, and you wouldn’t believe these vibrant girls were once conjoined. They have flourished over the years and are thriving in every aspect of life. Isabelle and Abby have become fun-loving, gymnastics-loving individuals who excel academically. They are cherished friends to many and have blossomed into independent young ladies.

Sometimes, they pause to reflect on their incredible journey when looking in the mirror together. It’s hard to believe that the picture of them as conjoined babies is actually of them. The bond they share remains strong, occasionally leading them to hold each other’s hand as they walk along together.

Their remarkable story, narrated in their own words, serves as a testament to the amazing team of surgeons who successfully accomplished the seemingly impossible operation. It is a tale of love, resilience, and the power of medical advancements.

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