A Haunting Prediction Echoes Across 54 Years, Materializing in 2019: A Stark Reminder

Paul Harvey, the iconic news commentator and talk-radio pioneer, possessed a distinctive staccato style that made him one of the most recognizable voices in the United States. At the height of his career, he captivated over 24 million listeners.

Astoundingly, his words from 54 years ago have now manifested as reality. In a legendary broadcast on April 3, 1965, Paul Harvey presented a thought-provoking ‘prophesy,’ imagining himself as the Devil and discussing issues that we grapple with today.

He would start by sowing seeds of doubt through whispered campaigns, cunningly persuading the youth that the Bible is a myth and that man created God. He’d advocate for embracing what is bad as good and belittling moral values, patriotism, and religious devotion.

Systematically, he’d corrupt various facets of society, encouraging lurid literature to overshadow the mundane, promoting dirtier movies on TV, and infiltrating unions to advocate for idleness. He’d exploit vices like narcotics and alcohol, sedating the masses and manipulating their ambitions.

The educational system would be targeted too, with an emphasis on intellect but neglecting emotional discipline, thereby allowing emotions to run rampant. He’d manipulate the courts to vote against God and in favor of pornography, ultimately driving divinity out of various institutions.

He’d undermine the true essence of Easter and Christmas, making them symbols of commercialism and materialism, instead of their intended significance.

In a sinister move, families would be torn apart, children forced into uniformed roles, women subjected to harsh labor conditions, and objectors condemned to slave-labor camps.

These chilling insights from Paul Harvey, which you read today, are strikingly relevant to our current times. His accuracy in predicting these developments is uncanny, making him an incredible man with extraordinary foresight.

If you share the sentiment that his words still resonate with truth, consider sharing this powerful message. Paul Harvey’s wisdom deserves to be remembered and pondered upon.

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