Adorable Great Dane Struts Her Stuff in Beloved Crocs, Displaying Her Passionate Obsession

Hooch possesses an extraordinary affection for shoes, a trait that sets her apart from most other dogs. Amongst her footwear preferences, she particularly adores wearing Crocs, reveling in the sensation they provide on her paws. This lighthearted Great Dane not only craves attention but also delights in forging new friendships.

To safeguard her paws while outdoors, Hooch opts for booties that not only shield but also enhance her overall appearance. Recognizing her special status as a remarkable canine, her owner, Holly Smith, spotted a pair of vibrant Crocs designed specifically for dogs, an ideal match for her beloved large girl. The moment Hooch tried them on, she became enthralled, prompting Smith to take her for a trial walk. The Great Dane pranced around energetically, showcasing her new fancy Crocs with immense delight.

In fact, Hooch’s fondness for her stylish footwear extends beyond a mere occasional display. She has adopted her Crocs as a regular part of her ensemble, earning her additional attention whenever she wears them. Smith’s Facebook page offers a glimpse into Hooch’s shoe collection, with Crocs serving as her go-to summer shoes, while boots fulfill the role during wintertime. Her passion for shoes transcends color boundaries, with blue and red pairs also adorning her paws. Hooch herself took to social media to explain the practicality of her shoe obsession, highlighting the harsh conditions she faces in upstate NY, where scorching pavement and corrosive salt pose risks to canine paws.

Impressively, Hooch has undergone training to adapt to wearing boots and other attire, showing no signs of annoyance and happily sporting them for extended periods. Smith recounts how Hooch even evades attempts to remove her shoes or clothing, clearly cherishing her fashionable accessories. She exudes a fondness for exquisite foot adornment and occasionally requests her owner to paint her toenails, expressing a preference for pink polish that complements her tongue.

Hooch’s affinity for dressing up extends beyond shoes and nails. She eagerly embraces various outfits and costumes, occasionally indulging in makeup, including drawing her own eyebrows. While some might perceive her as indulged, Hooch simply revels in a life that every dog deserves, embodying the essence of canine happiness.


When not parading around in her special shoes, Hooch finds solace snuggled up in cozy blankets or nestled with her cherished “safety” turtle stuffed animal. She thoroughly enjoys the company of her canine companion, Buster, a German Shepherd mix, and exhibits a strong affinity for the TV show “Critter Fixers.” Additionally, she relishes spending time with her beloved “baby,” a black cat named Seal. Hooch’s genuine adoration for Crocs is truly heartwarming and endearing to witness, a testament to her pure and joyful spirit.

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