Airline Infuriates Woman as Fiancé Gets Demoted from First Class to Accommodate Exhausted Cabin Crew

A United Airlines passenger expressed her dissatisfaction with the airline after her fiancé was moved from first class to premium economy despite having paid for the ticket in full. Danielle Schwab, a TikToker and bride-to-be, shared her frustrations in a viral TikTok video recounting her experience. She and her fiancé, Mikey, were traveling from London to Chicago to celebrate their engagement, seated in first class.

Upon boarding the plane and settling into their seats, a gate agent supervisor approached the couple and informed Mikey that the crew required his seat. Danielle’s parents, who had secretly paid for the tickets as a surprise, were also traveling with them. To resolve the issue, Danielle asked her father to intervene.

Danielle and Mikey had paid for the first class tickets. Credit: TikTok/@watergirl8296

When the family inquired about the crew’s need for the seat, they were allegedly told that it was required for the crew’s rest. Danielle mentioned that Mikey had been chosen from a predetermined “list.” The staff maintained that there was no alternative but to either put Mikey on the next flight or refund the price difference between a first class and premium economy ticket.

Danielle described the staff member as “pushy” and “forceful,” prompting one family member to reluctantly take a seat in premium economy after a back-and-forth discussion. This unexpected seat change disrupted their plan to enjoy first class together as a family.

Danielle and Mikey were sitting in first class as they celebrated their engagement. Credit: TikTok/@watergirl8296

During the flight, Danielle’s father spoke to another passenger who had also been moved from first class. According to Danielle, one of the flight attendants admitted that the situation had been poorly handled. However, she acknowledged that the flight attendants did their best to assist the family throughout the ordeal.


Upon landing, an airport worker guided the family to their connecting flight and advised them to provide feedback on United’s website. In an update, Danielle mentioned that the family had not received any compensation, emphasizing that the entire experience was “beyond unacceptable.” Despite acknowledging it as a “first-world problem,” she stressed the importance of avoiding such “horrible customer service.”

Danielle claimed the family is yet to receive compensation. Credit: TikTok/@watergirl8296

United Airlines responded to the incident in a statement to the Mail Online, explaining that the seats reserved for crew rest were not functional on the flight. As a result, they had to reassign two customers to Premium Plus instead of canceling the flight. The airline expressed understanding of the customer’s frustration and announced that they would refund the price difference for the seats and provide each passenger with a $1,500 (£1,200) certificate for future travel. LADbible reached out to United Airlines for additional comment.

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