Anna Nicole Smith’s 16-Year-Old Daughter Makes Rare Red Carpet Appearance, and the World Agrees on One Thing

Anna Nicole Smith was undeniably one of the world’s most renowned celebrities at a certain point in time. Her rise to fame began in the 1990s, where she gained recognition through appearances in Playboy magazine and collaborations with prominent brands like Guess and H&M.

Unfortunately, like many other famous personalities, her immense fame and wealth ultimately contributed to her downfall. In 2007, at the age of 39, Anna Nicole died tragically from an accidental drug overdose, leaving behind her five-month-old daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead.

Over the years, Dannielynn has mostly remained out of the public eye, shielded from the spotlight. However, recently, she made a striking appearance alongside her father, Larry Birkhead, at the 2023 Kentucky Derby, catching everyone’s attention with her striking resemblance to her late mother.

Anna Nicole’s journey to stardom in the modeling industry was filled with glamour and success, with her photoshoots for Playboy and subsequent signing with the prestigious talent agency, William Morris, leading to global modeling campaigns.

While she thrived in the limelight, Anna’s life took a turn with her high-profile relationship and marriage to J. Howard Marshall, a much older petroleum tycoon. The marriage was met with skepticism, as many believed her interest in him was driven by his fortune. After Marshall’s passing, legal disputes over his will plagued Anna Nicole and the Marshall family, eventually reaching the US Supreme Court in 2006.


The devastating blow of losing her mother plunged Dannielynn into the public eye, sparking debates over her paternity. After a court-ordered paternity test, Larry Birkhead was confirmed to be her biological father.

In an effort to provide Dannielynn with a normal upbringing, Larry ensured she attended regular school, participated in scouting activities, and attended church regularly.

At the Kentucky Derby’s Barnstable Brown Gala, Dannielynn, now 16 years old, paid tribute to her late mother by wearing a blouse adorned with photographs of Anna Nicole. Larry also joined in by wearing a tie featuring the same images. This gesture was in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Larry’s first encounter with the model in 2003, where he was a photographer covering an event.

Larry has carefully preserved Anna Nicole’s old clothes, and Dannielynn occasionally looks through them. He explained that everything of her mother’s is cataloged in storage, including photos of the events where Anna wore them. This way, she can decide to pass them on to her own children in the future.

It’s evident that Dannielynn is blossoming into a beautiful young woman, reminiscent of her late mother’s captivating charm and beauty.

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