Ashton Kutcher Opens Up About a Life-Threatening Health Scare and Mila Kunis’ Crucial Role in Supporting Him

Imagine waking up one day, having led a healthy lifestyle for most of your life, only to discover that you are unable to see, hear, or walk.

Several years ago, renowned superstar Ashton Kutcher faced this exact ordeal, and recently he courageously shared his medical emergency and subsequent journey with his doctor. Back in 2019, Ashton Kutcher made headlines when he suddenly lost his vision, hearing, and ability to walk. Now, he has chosen to open up about this experience publicly.

On the inaugural episode of the new health series called “The Checkup With Dr. David Agus” on Paramount+, Kutcher revealed the terrifying and life-threatening medical challenge he encountered. Dr. David Agus, the host of the show, described the condition as vasculitis—an uncommon autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and attacks the blood vessels.

During the interview, Kutcher described how he woke up one day experiencing vision problems and found it incredibly difficult to see. As the illness progressed, it affected his hearing, throwing off his balance and ability to walk. He explained that his condition was vasculitis, a disease that he and his doctor, Dr. Agus, were familiar with. Vasculitis causes the walls of blood vessels to thicken, leading to restricted blood flow. This can result in severe complications like blood clots, organ damage, and even hearing loss if the blood vessels in the ears are affected. In addition, vision loss can occur if the blood vessels near the eyes are impacted. Dr. Agus clarified that vasculitis can affect individuals regardless of their health status and that its effects can be either short-term or long-term.

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Kutcher elaborated on his personal experience with the medical event, explaining how it shattered the standard he was accustomed to in life, such as clear vision and the ability to hear well. He emphasized the desire to regain the level of health he once had, stating, “And then suddenly you can’t see, like you have this occlusion and you can’t see. And then, like, ‘Why are you not f**king talking louder because I can’t hear you?’ You want to reclaim the health that you once had.” Now 44, the actor also discussed his healing process with Dr. Agus.

Kutcher expressed the mental aspect of his journey toward a complete recovery, sharing his determination to make a full comeback after waking up in a hospital, unable to walk. He cited his ability to go from being unable to walk to running a marathon within three years, referring to his participation in the New York City marathon in November.

In a later segment of the interview, Kutcher’s twin brother, Michael, who lives with cerebral palsy, joined him. Kutcher reflected on how his relationship with his twin brother gave him a unique perspective on life, recognizing the fragility of existence. He emphasized the need to make the most of every moment, as his brother’s condition taught him to appreciate the opportunity to be alive. Kutcher emphasized that spending time with his children has become a top priority for him since this shift in perspective.

Kutcher and Dr. Agus also discussed the remarkable progress the actor has made in his recovery over the past few years. The doctor commended Kutcher’s wife for her unwavering support during this challenging time, acknowledging her presence by his side.

Ashton Kutcher took a moment to praise his wife, Mila Kunis, for her incredible support, stating emphatically, “She’s the best.”

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher attend a basketball game on November 13, 2022 (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Ashton and Mila first met during the early stages of their careers while working on That ’70s Show, but they only started dating years later, in 2012. They tied the knot in 2015 and have since welcomed two children. Although Ashton Kutcher’s story is undoubtedly frightening, it serves as a reminder of the significance of discussing such medical events and the crucial role loved ones play in these moments.

We find Kutcher’s recovery truly impressive and would love to hear your thoughts on his journey.

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