At 76, the icon unveils the keys to maintaining robust health and incredible fitness

Celebrities are often depicted as individuals possessing flawless skin and impeccable posture, setting unrealistic beauty standards for ordinary people. However, the truth is that famous individuals invest considerable attention and effort into their appearances, resorting to surgical procedures, strict diets, rigorous workouts, and an array of beauty products.

Among these iconic figures is Cher, renowned as the ‘Goddess of Pop,’ who, at 76 years old, defies the effects of aging and remains stunning as ever. Notably, she is even romantically involved with someone 40 years her junior, proving that age is merely a number to her.


Cher recently revealed that her remarkable looks can be attributed to her dietary choices and active lifestyle. Her diet revolves around plant-based and dairy-free foods, while she refrains from alcohol, diligently taking care of her skin. Cher maintains a consistent exercise routine, working out about five times a week, which she genuinely enjoys. Although she may exercise more than others, it is her commitment to staying in shape that matters most to her. Recalling her tomboyish nature from her youth, she continues to embrace sports and is currently learning to surf.

In her book, “Cher Forever Fit: The Lifetime Plan for Health, Fitness, and Beauty,” the icon details her avoidance of high-fat foods, meat, and cheese. As for alcohol, smoking, and drugs, Cher has never been drawn to unhealthy habits. She openly admits to trying cigarettes briefly but found them disagreeable and never dabbled in drugs. Cher only indulges in alcohol a few times a year.

Regarding her skincare routine, Cher emphasizes her eclectic approach, not relying on a single product. She cherishes various skincare items from different brands, including Dr. Barbara Sturm’s eye cream and face wash, Jan Marini products, and Proactiv items.

Undeniably, Cher remains an exceptional singer and one of the most beautiful women in the music world. Her ageless appearance and commitment to a healthy lifestyle serve as an inspiration to many.

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