Baby labeled ‘hideous’ blossoms into a beautiful little girl

“From ‘hideous’ to a stunning young girl: Celebrating the beauty of Angelica despite hurtful comments. Check out the comments to see her inspiring transformation.

Every individual possesses their own unique beauty, and this truth extends to newborn babies as well.

In 2018, the arrival of a baby girl named Angelica filled her family with joy. She possessed exquisite facial features, accentuated by a heart-shaped port wine stain that made her even more remarkable. Unfortunately, not everyone could appreciate the allure of this distinctive birthmark.

Source : Facebook – Marianna Bowering

Angelica’s mother, Marianna Bowering, shared that her family wholeheartedly embraced and loved her, including her birthmark. However, there were those who arrogantly felt entitled to pass judgment on the little girl’s appearance.

“The most hurtful comment I received online was when someone cruelly asked if her face had been seared on a grill, insinuating that her face looked grilled,” Marianna recounted to the Mirror. She further revealed that her daughter had been subjected to being labeled as “hideous” and a “defect.” Such derogatory remarks took a toll on the family, but they were determined to overcome the negativity and challenges they faced, determined to rise above the hurtful words and comments.

Source : Facebook – Marianna Bowering

Regardless of the hurtful opinions expressed, Angelica’s family instilled in her the importance of self-love, just the way she is. To uplift her spirits, Marianna decided to paint her daughter’s face, mimicking a birthmark similar to Angelica’s own.

“The inspiration came from vascular birthmark awareness day, where they encourage people to paint a heart on their cheeks,” shared Marianna, as reported by The Epoch Times. “Initially, I only did the heart with my makeup, but then I thought, why not go all out and recreate Angelica’s port wine stain.” Whenever someone tried to ‘console’ Marianna, suggesting that her daughter’s mark would fade with time or that she could conceal it with makeup when she grew older, it only deepened the mother’s concern. She couldn’t help but wonder if Angelica would be pressured to hide her innate beauty instead of embracing it.

Such encounters served as a reminder that society often imposes norms dictating how individuals should look to fit in and gain acceptance. Angelica’s family consistently affirmed her value and taught her to cherish herself as she is. At times, Marianna would adorn her daughter’s wine port stain with glitter, allowing it to sparkle and shine.

“Thankfully, Angelica is in excellent health,” Marianna emphasized, speaking about her daughter and acknowledging the potential health concerns related to these types of birthmarks. “We just need to keep up with regular check-ups, particularly for her eyes, as glaucoma can be a concern.” Angelica’s journey of self-acceptance and love is something to celebrate.

Undeniably, she has blossomed into a remarkable young lady. Would you not agree?


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