“Bam Margera Issues Disturbing Ultimatum: ‘Smoke Crack Until Demise’ Unless Granted Access to Son”

Bam Margera has made a disturbing and alarming statement regarding his former wife and their shared son.

The troubled former member of Jackass has not seen his son, Phoenix, for two months, causing concern among his close circle.

Instagram/Bam Margera

Expressing his frustrations on social media, Margera attributed his struggles with alcoholism to his family and his ex-partner, Nicole Boyd. Each day is a battle for him, knowing that he won’t have the opportunity to spend time with his son. In a strongly worded outburst, the skateboarder said, “I want to address anyone who cares about me even the slightest bit.”

“It has been two damn months, and I am beyond frustrated. I cry daily, desperately missing him, while knowing that I may not be able to communicate with or see him.”

“So yes, Nicki drives me to drink, as does my own damn mother, and even my so-called supportive father who does nothing but belittle me, calling me a worthless, drug-addicted, fat loser.”

“I’ll resort to smoking crack with the destitute individuals at the boardwalk until I meet my demise unless you bring me my beloved Phoenix.”

“So get to work, Nicki, or anyone willing to assist. I want my son.”

However, Nicole’s attorney has responded to the accusations, asserting that she and others are not responsible for Bam’s alcohol or substance abuse.

In a statement to TMZ, David Glass stated that Bam is solely accountable for his actions.

“Unfortunately, that’s not how addiction works,” Glass explained. “People’s behaviors do not force others to turn to alcohol.”

“This is a typical defense mechanism and suggests that Bam may not have fully absorbed the lessons from his previous addiction treatments.”

“You must take responsibility for your own choices.”

Nicole sincerely hopes that Bam can achieve and maintain sobriety for his own well-being and for the sake of their son, according to Glass.

In February of this year, Nicole filed for divorce from Bam, citing irreconcilable differences.

Boyd has expressed her willingness to allow Margera to spend time with their son, but on the condition that he completes rehabilitation for his drug and alcohol problems, as reported by the Daily Mail.

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