Barbara Streisand and James Brolin Celebrate 24 Years of Marriage, Continuing to Hold Hands and Enjoy Romantic Dates

Marriage, like any relationship, requires effort and commitment. This fundamental truth applies to everyone, regardless of their background or status. Take James Brolin and Barbra Streisand, for example, who have maintained a happy marriage for over two decades.

Their love story began on July 1, 1996, when they were introduced at a party arranged by mutual friends. Streisand admitted feeling nervous about the encounter, so she initially sought solace among the children at the event and only joined the dinner table when necessary. She had expected Brolin to appear with his usual beard, but he surprised her by showing up clean-shaven with neatly trimmed hair.

In a lighthearted moment, Streisand teasingly remarked about his hair, asking, “Who messed up your hair?” Surprisingly, this exchange became the moment that made Brolin fall for her.

Their connection grew steadily, and during Brolin’s trip to Ireland to film “My Brother’s War,” Streisand reminisced about falling asleep on the bathroom floor while talking to him on the phone. They made their relationship public when they appeared together on the red carpet at the premiere of “The Mirror Has Two Faces.”

Exactly two years after their first meeting, on July 1, 1998, the couple tied the knot. Though they faced challenges along the way, they also celebrated numerous triumphs together. Streisand supported Brolin during his induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, while Brolin stood by her side when she received the National Medal of Arts Award.

In 2006, the couple shared a photo during Streisand’s tour, symbolizing their blended family. Both Brolin and Streisand had previous marriages and their own children. Despite this, they managed to cultivate a successful marriage and were willing to share their secrets.

Brolin revealed that they maintain separate bank accounts, having learned from previous marriages what strains can be put on a relationship. He took precautions to prevent those issues from arising again. Additionally, the couple emphasized the importance of couples’ therapy. Brolin acknowledged that impulsive emotions can lead to arguments and that having a mediator can help reach a resolution through level-headedness.

They also actively involved themselves in each other’s children’s lives. Streisand embraced her role as a grandmother when Josh Brolin, James’ son and known for playing Thanos in the Marvel Franchise, had his youngest child. The couple found that being stuck together during the pandemic brought them closer to one another, despite the tensions it created for many.

For Brolin and Streisand, listening is the key to their successful marriage. Streisand emphasized the importance of careful listening, stating, “To be a good actor, you have to listen. To be a good person, you have to listen. To be a good marriage partner, you have to listen. Hear the other person. Agree to disagree.” Brolin echoed this sentiment, highlighting the need for negotiation, patience, and knowing when to step away.


In summary, Brolin and Streisand exemplify the fact that marriage requires ongoing effort and dedication. Regardless of their fame and accomplishments, they recognize the significance of actively listening to one another, compromising, and continuously working on their relationship.

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