Boy Emulates Security Officer for ‘Favorite Person Day’ to Honor His Protector

During his school’s “Dress as Your Favorite Person Day,” Easton Blocker’s immediate response to the question of whom he wanted to emulate was “Officer Cross!” Easton was referring to Jeffery Cross, the security officer at his kindergarten in Jacksonville, Florida. When asked why he chose Officer Cross, Easton explained that it was because Officer Cross keeps them safe.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Lauryn, Easton’s mother, revealed that her son was infatuated with Officer Cross, often referring to him as his best friend. Inspired by this deep admiration, Lauryn bought a yellow shirt and black pants to create Easton’s costume, which she embellished with vinyl letters reading “Junior Security.”

Officer Cross was deeply moved by Easton’s gesture of love and respect. He expressed his appreciation, noting that while most students typically dress as their teachers or classmates, Easton had chosen to dress as him. Officer Cross described Easton as adorable and highlighted his fun and spirited personality.

The Jacksonville North Pulaski School District shared the heartwarming story of Easton and Officer Cross on their Facebook page, labeling it a “beautiful moment.” The district emphasized that the story exemplifies how anyone can become a hero to someone else.

To see the complete interview from Good Morning America, please watch the video below.


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