Boyfriend’s Heartwarming Response Saves Teen from Strangers’ Body-Shaming in Prom Photos

Just picture a life so devoid of excitement that you feel compelled to pass judgment on someone else’s body or clothing choices.

Devoting precious time from your day to intentionally hurt the feelings of someone who has never personally wronged you.

Regrettably, there exist emotionally wounded individuals who project their own lack of self-understanding onto teenagers like Madison Haulter. Haulter, an online target of body-shaming internet trolls, proudly flaunted her stunning, form-fitting pink sequin gown.

Accompanied by her boyfriend, Tre Booker, who sported a matching pink tie and boutonnière with his black suit, they exuded elegance. Together, they embodied the epitome of a perfect couple. Haulter shared their prom photos on Twitter, captioning them with “Prom with the loml,” which translates to “love of my life” for those unfamiliar with the latest lingo.

However, there were certain individuals who chose to squander their time in an attempt to tarnish the couple’s joyful moment. One person left a vile comment insinuating that Booker’s love for Haulter was remarkable despite her plus-size figure. Their remark, which read, “Wow, he loves you even though you’re fat 🙁 mbn” (meaning “must be nice”), likely stemmed from jealousy.

The callous internet user expressed:

“Wow, he loves you even though you’re fat 🙁 mbn”

But why wouldn’t Booker adore his girlfriend? Haulter looked like a movie star that day, radiating incredible beauty, both externally in her gown and presumably internally as well.

Evidently, the commenter harbors their own body and self-love issues, which they chose to project onto Haulter. Fortunately, they were perceptive enough to recognize the love shared between the couple.

Nevertheless, the online community refused to let these haters rain on the couple’s parade. They catapulted the post into viral status and inundated it with kind-hearted comments.

They praised Haulter for her stunning appearance and admired the adorable chemistry between her and Booker. The outpouring of kindness and compliments far surpassed the hateful remarks.

“I firmly believe in not responding to hate with hate,” Haulter shared with TODAY. “I refrained from saying anything rude to her, and I even stopped my friends from responding.”

Haulter’s mantra is to approach everything with love. However, it wasn’t just strangers who stepped up to defend her.

Booker chose not to waste his time acknowledging or addressing the haters. Instead, he ensured his girlfriend knew exactly how he felt about her.

“You’re not fat, baby. God made you just for me. You’re perfect. I could gaze at you endlessly,” he wrote, accompanied by a ring emoji.

Numerous individuals applauded him for standing up for his girlfriend, an act befitting a good boyfriend or friend. Despite the occasional criticism labeling him as “soft” for showering his girlfriend with affection and sharing their relationship online, Booker remained unfazed.

Imagine being so insecure that you can’t openly appreciate your partner?

Nevertheless, Booker remained resolute, expressing his desire for everyone to know the depth of his love. Their public display of affection transcended mere social media theatrics.

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