Brad Pitt Strikes a Deal with Elderly Neighbor, Purchases Home and Offers Rent-Free Living

Brad Pitt has established himself not just as an actor, but also as a compassionate and generous individual. Recently, his fellow actor and neighbor Cassandra Peterson, popularly known as the vampy Elvira, shared a heartwarming account of Brad’s benevolence towards another neighbor, John.

In 1994, Brad purchased a house from Peterson and commenced renovations to expand his property. Meanwhile, Peterson acquired a neighboring home, fostering a close friendship between the two actors.

Over time, Brad continued to extend his property, eagerly acquiring adjacent land whenever it became available. Among these properties was one owned by an elderly gentleman named John, who had lived there with his late wife until her recent passing.

Despite being in his mid-90s, John found himself presented with an irresistible offer from Brad. Brad proposed purchasing John’s home, allowing John to reside there rent-free for the remainder of his life.

A deep friendship blossomed between the two men, and Brad consistently looked out for John’s well-being. Cassandra fondly recounts numerous instances where Brad would chauffeur John to the store or assist him in keeping appointments.

Regrettably, John eventually passed away at the remarkable age of 105. Brad and his six children were devastated upon hearing the news, as John had become an integral part of their close-knit community.

In the accompanying video, Cassandra Peterson shares her admiration for Brad’s extraordinary kindness and sheds light on his profound bond with John.

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