Brave Individual Thwarts 5 Robbers While Clad in Underwear, Employing One as Human Shield

In the quiet suburb of Mermaid Waters on Australia’s Gold Coast, a remarkable incident unfolded when a brave father took on a group of armed thieves who had been terrorizing the neighborhood. Steve Middleton, a 50-year-old no-nonsense dad, became an unexpected local hero, all while clad in nothing but his underwear. The astonishing encounter was captured on video, further solidifying Middleton’s newfound reputation.

It was a tranquil Monday morning when Middleton awoke at 4:30 a.m., anticipating a peaceful day of fishing. However, his plans took an unexpected turn when he heard commotion outside his home. Peering through the window, he witnessed thieves rummaging through his daughter’s car. Acting swiftly, Middleton threw on a pair of underwear and sprinted outside to confront the intruders. The sight of Middleton charging toward them in his skivvies caught the thieves off-guard, providing him with a momentary advantage.

Fearlessly, Middleton seized one of the robbers by his shirt, refusing to release his grip. The thief, desperate to escape, resorted to a barrage of pleas. Undeterred, Middleton discovered that the thief had accomplices, armed with a baseball bat and a knife. In the ensuing struggle, Middleton sustained a slash from the knife but remained steadfast. Using the captured thief as a shield, he fended off the attacks of his friends. Alas, the thief eventually broke free, evading Middleton’s grasp, and reunited with his partners in crime. They hastily fled the scene in stolen vehicles.


At the time of the interview, the authorities had yet to apprehend any of the suspects. Nevertheless, Middleton’s heroic actions garnered praise and admiration. His viral fame even earned him an endearing nickname from his friends. Throughout the ordeal, Middleton’s unwavering focus remained on his fishing plans. As the police concluded their investigation, he asked eagerly, “Can I go fishing now?”

Regrettably, Middleton’s injury thwarted his fishing expedition, but he reassured his well-wishers that he would return to angling as soon as he fully recovered. His inspiring act resonated deeply with the locals, who had grown weary of unruly gangs causing havoc and stealing throughout the city. It is hoped that Middleton’s display of courage will deter potential thieves from targeting the neighborhood, where the “Captain Undies” patrols may now instill second thoughts in the minds of would-be criminals.

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