Brooke Shields Unveils Long-Held Secret: Hollywood Executive’s Sexual Assault Over 30 Years Ago

Brooke Shields has courageously opened up about surviving a sexual assault that occurred more than three decades ago. In a recent interview with People, Shields disclosed that she was assaulted by a Hollywood executive shortly after completing her studies at Princeton University.

During that time, she placed blame on herself, but as the years passed, she found the strength to process the traumatic event. Reflecting on her experience, Shields expressed that she now feels more anger than she was capable of experiencing back then. She emphasized the fear and scariness of such situations, noting that they do not necessarily have to be physically violent to evoke terror.

This marks the first time the former model turned actress has publicly shared her ordeal, as she explained that back then, people were not readily believing such stories. She feared that her revelation would jeopardize her career, thinking she would never work again.

In a soon-to-be-released two-part documentary titled “Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields,” her story, sadly all too common in Hollywood, will be recounted in greater detail. Shields expressed her astonishment at having survived the ordeal, emphasizing the impact of seeing her story laid out in the documentary.

Starting her career as a model at just eleven months old, Shields continued in the industry until 1978 when she starred in the controversial film “Pretty Baby,” portraying a child prostitute at the age of twelve. At fourteen, she became the youngest model to grace the cover of Vogue. Throughout the 1980s, Shields was involved in various contentious advertisements, including a notable Calvin Klein campaign, which contributed to her sexualization at a very young age.

Following her graduation from Princeton University, Shields experienced a low point in her career. It was during this vulnerable time that she met with an unnamed Hollywood executive for dinner, anticipating a movie role or job offer. However, after their meal, he invited her to his hotel room, claiming he needed to make a call for a cab.

Under the guise of calling a cab, he convinced Shields to accompany him to his room. Once there, he sexually assaulted her. Shields admitted that she didn’t fight back; instead, she felt frozen with fear.

Overwhelmed by guilt, Shields blamed herself for the assault, questioning her own actions. She regretted going to his room and even having a drink at dinner. At the time, she confided in only one person, her close friend and former security consultant Gavin de Becker. However, now she feels ready to share her story in the hopes of providing support to others who may feel isolated.

Shields acknowledged that everyone processes trauma at their own pace and wants to be an advocate for women to speak their truth. It is heartbreaking to hear that many survivors refrain from speaking up due to the fear of not being believed. We must cultivate an environment where survivors are believed, so they do not have to bear the burden of these painful secrets for decades.

Please take a moment to share Brooke Shields’ story and help create a society where survivors’ voices are heard and believed.

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