Cher’s Heartrending Account of Her Final Encounter with Tina Turner: A Revealing Conversation Before the Icon’s Farewell

If you have a passion for music, chances are high that you hold a deep appreciation for both Tina Turner and Cher. These remarkable singers have forged colossal careers, and beyond their dazzling performances, they have consistently supported one another. Cher and Tina Turner share an extraordinary and profound connection.

In the wake of Tina Turner’s recent passing, Cher dialed in for an interview to pay tribute to her beloved friend. Cher recounted the details of her last visit with Turner, during a time when the singer was bravely battling illness.


Cher emphasized the importance of prioritizing friendships, stating, “I made the decision to visit her because I felt the need to invest this time into our friendship, so she would know that we hadn’t forgotten about her.” She further revealed, “We all took turns visiting and spending time with her, which brought her immense happiness.”

While the exact cause of Turner’s passing remains undisclosed to the public, Cher did mention that the singer had a dialysis machine in her home. Dialysis is commonly employed to aid individuals facing kidney failure or end-stage renal disease. Notably, Tina Turner had undergone a kidney transplant in 2017, with her husband Erwin Bach selflessly donating the kidney. Reflecting on her friend’s ordeal, Cher shared, “She fought this illness with tremendous strength, as one would expect from her. However, towards the end, she confided in me, saying, ‘I’m truly ready. I simply no longer wish to endure this.'”


Nevertheless, Cher highlighted Turner’s unwavering happiness despite her circumstances. She described her initial visit to Turner’s residence in Switzerland, recounting, “She initially mentioned that she couldn’t spend much time together. Yet, five hours later, we were laughing uproariously, and she insisted on showing me every item she had acquired for her home… She was genuinely enjoying herself, despite her grave illness and her reluctance to reveal it to others.”

During Cher’s final visit, Turner presented her longtime friend with a parting gift. Cher delightedly shared, “She gave me a pair of shoes during our last encounter. What kind of shoes, you ask? They were Tina Turner shoes! Those towering high heels that she effortlessly strutted around in.”


The friendship between these two women began during Tina Turner’s tumultuous marriage to Ike Turner, which lasted from 1962 to 1978 and was infamously marked by abuse towards Tina. Reflecting on that period, Cher recalled, “When I first met her, she was still with Ike. It felt incredibly strange to witness her transformation after leaving him. I was overjoyed, as her newfound freedom allowed her to take a deep breath. Her new life was akin to a refreshing, invigorating breeze.” Cher further added, “Our bond grew stronger after Tina severed ties with Ike. That’s when we began spending more time together.”

Cher remembered her dear friend with affectionate words and lauded her indomitable spirit until the very end. “She possessed an undeniable force within her. Honestly, she confronted every challenge head-on… She refused to back down. While she may not have emerged victorious from every battle, she fought relentlessly. She advocated passionately for the causes she believed in,” expressed Cher. She continued, “In the realm of rock and roll, she stands as one of the greatest artists of our generation. There will never be another person like her. No one else even comes close to embodying her essence.”


Understandably, Cher is devastated by the loss and attests that she and Tina were “perfect friends for each other.” Cher acknowledged the mutual strength they derived from one another at various stages of their lives, stating, “She frequently bestowed upon me immense strength, and I, in turn, offered her my unwavering support.

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