Commendations Pour in as McDonald’s Employee Silences ‘Entitled’ Customer

A viral video captured the empowering moment when a middle-aged McDonald’s employee fearlessly stood up to a rude and entitled customer, receiving widespread praise for her courage. The 37-second clip showcased her assertiveness and determination in dealing with the difficult situation.

The video begins with the entitled customer attempting to push the employee around, but she refuses to be intimidated. Pointing to his iced coffee, she calmly explains, “It’s all on the bottom, see? And now go to a different store. We will not be serving you anymore.” Undeterred, the customer persists, demanding the drink to be remade according to his exact specifications. However, the employee had already attempted to accommodate his requests multiple times without success.

Firmly standing her ground, the employee tells him, “Because every single time we make your drink, it is wrong. Obviously, we cannot satisfy you the first time, and we’re done trying. So, get out of my drive-thru!” Her unwavering stance against the customer’s unreasonable behavior earned her overwhelming support from viewers, many of whom had experience in the service industry and understood the challenges of dealing with demanding customers.


The video garnered more than 700,000 likes and over 10,000 comments before it was taken down. Commenters overwhelmingly sided with the employee, praising her for not tolerating the customer’s behavior and emphasizing that it’s just fast food, not a high-end coffee shop. They expressed frustration with entitled attitudes towards service workers and lauded the employee for standing up not only for herself but also for her fellow employees.

Among the supportive comments, one TikTok user even suggested that McDonald’s should reward the employee with a raise and promotion for her exceptional handling of the situation. Another commenter, claiming to know the woman in the video, revealed that she was the General Manager of that McDonald’s location, showcasing her professionalism and leadership qualities.

Overall, the video highlighted the significance of respecting service workers and treating them with kindness and decency. The employee’s strong response to the entitled customer served as an inspiration for many, and her actions resonated with people who recognized the challenges faced by those working in the service industry.

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