Compassionate 2-Year-Old Defies Odds: Handpicks Ailing, Timid Pit Bull at Shelter, Filling Its Life with Love

There is an abundance of dogs residing in shelters, all yearning for a singular desire: to discover their forever homes. Unfortunately, the process can be more protracted for some canines compared to others.

Numerous factors such as breed, age, appearance, or health conditions lead to many dogs being consistently overlooked by potential adopters, often in favor of younger, conventionally adorable puppies.


However, on occasion, a compassionate individual emerges, willing to open their heart to these neglected dogs. Such was the case for a shelter pit bull when a 2-year-old girl became the epitome of compassion, choosing him from among all the dogs in the shelter.

Audra Spurio never anticipated that her 2-year-old daughter would be drawn to a sick and mange-ridden pit bull when they visited the shelter to adopt a dog. Yet, sensing the dog’s need for love and care, the toddler insisted on choosing him. “Out of all the dogs at the shelter that day, my daughter wanted to meet her more than any other,” Audra shared with The Dodo. Despite the pungent odor emanating from the dog due to mange, the little girl persisted, saying, “Mommy, that one.”


“Gigi said, ‘Let the doggy out. Need help,'” Audra recounted. So, granting the girl’s wish, they brought the pit bull, whom they named Scarlett, outside to play. While the dog initially displayed fear and shyness, the toddler exhibited love and patience throughout.

Many children would have been repulsed by the dog’s condition, but Gigi only saw a friend in need of assistance. They played outside, and it quickly became evident that a genuine, immediate bond had formed between the two, as the girl showered the dog with kisses and belly rubs.


“I witnessed this fearful dog surrender to Gigi’s touch,” Audra remarked. “She refused to let my daughter leave her side.” Even after returning Scarlett to her kennel, Gigi persistently pleaded with her mother to bring the dog home so they could care for her. “Sick doggy, go home,” the two-year-old implored.

Fortunately, the young girl’s wish came true. Among all the dogs at the shelter that day, the sick pit bull had won her heart, and Scarlett now resides in her new home. “Scarlett is now at home and feeling much better,” Audra joyfully disclosed. “She still refuses to let Gigi out of her sight.”


This heartwarming story has amassed nearly 14 million views on YouTube, with numerous commenters expressing renewed hope for the future as they witnessed Gigi’s compassion toward animals.

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