Compassionate 2-Year-Old Visits Dog Shelter and Selects Ailing, Timid Pit Bull Seeking Affection

In shelters, numerous dogs yearn for one thing – to find their forever homes. Sadly, some wait longer than others due to various reasons, such as breed, age, appearance, or health issues. Often, these dogs are overlooked in favor of younger and more conventionally cute puppies.

However, amidst this heartache, there are compassionate souls who make a difference. One such heartwarming tale revolves around a 2-year-old girl and a pit bull at a shelter. When Audra Spurio took her daughter to adopt a dog, she never expected her little one to be drawn to a sick and mangey pit bull. But the toddler sensed the dog’s need for love and care and insisted on meeting him.

Gigi, the young girl, bravely approached the pit bull, even though he wasn’t in the best condition. With a heart full of kindness, Gigi played with the scared and shy dog outside, showering him with kisses and belly rubs. The two formed an instant bond, and the pit bull refused to leave Gigi’s side.

Despite the pit bull’s challenging state, Gigi saw a friend in need and was determined to help. Her mother witnessed the fearful dog’s transformation in Gigi’s hands, melting away the fear. Gigi persistently asked her mother to take the dog home, expressing her wish to care for the sick canine.

Thankfully, Gigi’s wish came true, and the pit bull, now named Scarlett, found her forever home with the compassionate family. Scarlett thrived under their love and care, and her health improved significantly. She became inseparable from Gigi, never letting her out of sight.


The heartwarming story touched many hearts, garnering millions of views on YouTube. Gigi’s empathy and compassion for animals have given hope to countless people, proving that even a young child can make a profound impact on the lives of shelter animals.

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