Compassionate Couple Gives Forever Home to ‘Useless’ 19-Year-Old Cow

Helen, a blind cow, was born into a life on a dairy farm where she spent most of her years. The farm exploited her for milk production and to bear calves. Over the course of 15 years, Helen gave birth to 14 calves while diligently serving the farm. However, as she stopped producing milk, she was deemed unprofitable and considered “useless.”

Despite this, the dairy farmer, who had formed a special bond with Helen, couldn’t bear to part with her. Instead of abandoning or giving her away, he made a selfless decision. He sold his operations and instructed the new owner to keep Helen so that he could continue looking after her and ensuring her well-being.

Unfortunately, the new farm owner did not prioritize Helen’s welfare. Even after four years had passed since the sale, Helen remained on the farm, receiving insufficient attention and care as a senior cow with blindness.

Determined to find a better home for Helen, the farmer reached out to various sanctuaries. Uncle Neil’s Home, an animal sanctuary specializing in rescuing farm animals, became aware of Helen’s situation and immediately stepped in. The sanctuary’s founders, Rian Feldman and Scooter Belasco, took on the responsibility of providing Helen with a safe haven.

The initial days in the sanctuary proved challenging for Rian, Scooter, and Helen. Everything was new to her, and it was difficult for her to let go of the experiences accumulated over her 19 years of life. Helen was scared and confused, but Rian and Scooter exhibited patience, working diligently to earn her trust. On the first day, it took Helen 45 minutes to enter her shed.

Rian and Scooter went above and beyond to customize Helen’s enclosure to accommodate her visual impairment. They placed a wind chime near her shed, providing her with a familiar sound to find her resting place. Additionally, they installed a solar-powered fountain on her water trough, enabling her to locate it by hearing the trickling water when she felt thirsty. A brush was attached to the shed frame, allowing Helen to groom herself—a simple pleasure she greatly enjoyed.

One of the most effective forms of therapy involved utilizing Helen’s senses. Rian and Scooter took her for daily walks, speaking to her gently to reassure her of her safe surroundings. They showered her with affection, brushing her, hugging her, giving her massages, and even kissing her to convey that she would be okay.


Every day spent with Helen at the sanctuary was filled with love, and in turn, Helen taught Rian and Scooter a valuable lesson. Through her example, she showed them that by offering immense love and care to animals in need, they would receive that same love in return, often multiplied.

Though Helen had reached the age of 19, her life at the sanctuary granted her a newfound lease on life. With her golden years ahead of her, she now had the opportunity to embrace freedom and experience love in its purest form.

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