Couple’s Desperation Leads to Triplet Adoption, but a Startling Sonogram Reveals an Unexpected Twist

Sarah and Andy Justice had long yearned to have children, but fate had different plans in store for them.

The determined couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma explored every avenue in their pursuit of parenthood. After three years of disappointment, they turned their attention to adoption.

Their journey took an unexpected turn when they were swiftly matched with a birth mother. Eager to support her, Sarah and Andy accompanied her to an ultrasound appointment.

The ultrasound results left everyone astounded: the doctors, the birth mother, and the Justices themselves. The woman was carrying not just one baby, but triplets!

Months later, the Justices joyfully welcomed their bundles of joy—Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth—into the world without complications. And just one week later, another incredible revelation graced their lives.

In a stunning twist of fate, the couple discovered that Sarah was pregnant. This time, she was expecting twins!

Suddenly, the couple transformed from childless to the proud parents of three children, with two more on the way. Sarah and Andy Justice were overwhelmed with happiness.

Their path to building a family had been filled with struggles and doubts, and they had believed that adoption would only bless them with one or two children. However, in 2014, the decision to adopt a pregnant woman’s triplets brought them immeasurable joy.

The premature triplets, Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth, faced early challenges and required an extended stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. Despite the initial difficulties, the Justices’ hearts brimmed with gratitude for their new arrivals.

During a routine doctor’s visit, just a week after the triplets’ arrival, Sarah received astonishing news from her obstetrician. She was once again pregnant—this time with a single baby.

About eight months later, Abigail and Andrew, the twins, arrived, adding further joy and chaos to the bustling Justice household. But their journey was far from over.

In a remarkable turn of events, Sarah soon found herself pregnant yet again, this time with a single baby. Caleb, their sixth child, arrived, leaving everyone in awe of the rapid transformation from a childless couple to a bustling family.

Their story serves as a poignant reminder to never abandon one’s dreams, for life has a way of taking unexpected turns and fulfilling the deepest desires of our hearts. The Justices’ tale culminated in the creation of a large and extraordinary family they had always longed for.

Their extraordinary journey garnered worldwide attention and the Justices were interviewed on the TODAY show in 2014, sharing glimpses into their vibrant and hectic everyday life.

As dad Andy disclosed, the family went through an astonishing 300 diapers per week back then, with the cycle seemingly never-ending. Despite the challenges and hard work, the couple expressed no regrets.

“We simply adore having these children,” Sarah affectionately declared. The accompanying pictures showcased the thriving and rapidly growing children, a testament to their love and devotion.

Recently, the triplets—Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth—celebrated their sixth birthday, marking yet another milestone in the Justices’ extraordinary journey.


Today, the family remains profoundly grateful and maintains their unwavering positivity. Their inspiring story continues to touch the lives of thousands, a testament to their unyielding dedication to their children.

This heartwarming tale of miracles and blessings deserves to be shared, as it serves as a reminder that dreams can come true. Congratulations to the Justices, and may their family be forever blessed by the grace of God.

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