Courageous Pilot Safely Executes Blind Landing Following Devastating Hailstorm Impact on Aircraft’s Front

Last week, Alaexander Akopov emerged as a hero when he skillfully executed a blind landing of a commercial aircraft that had sustained severe damage due to an unexpected hailstorm.

As a pilot for Atlasglobal Airline, Akopov was responsible for the safe transportation of 121 passengers and 6 crew members from Istanbul to Ecran, Cyprus. Unfortunately, during the flight, the aircraft encountered an unanticipated storm that had not been detected by the weather radar.

The hailstones mercilessly battered the aircraft’s nose, causing extensive damage and shattering the windshield. To compound the situation, the autopilot system ceased functioning, adding further complexity to an already dire circumstance.

Despite the formidable challenges, Akopov adeptly maneuvered the aircraft, successfully turning it around and conducting an emergency landing at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport. Such a feat demanded exceptional skills in instrument-based flying, a proficiency not often put to the test in such extreme conditions.

The people of Ukraine, Akopov’s home country, were profoundly impressed by his remarkable achievement. As a result, the Ukrainian president personally reached out to Akopov, bestowing upon him the prestigious Ukrainian Order of Courage.

Witness the extraordinary landing for yourself in the accompanying video.

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