Dad’s Selfless Gift: Little Girl Receives Life-Saving Kidney Operation

When Karen Rodas and Paul Rybkin welcomed their son Nathaniel into the world, their joy was short-lived, as he tragically passed away after only 36 hours. Nathaniel was born with a rare condition known as Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), which leads to the growth of cysts in the kidneys and can result in kidney failure.

In the face of this heartbreak, the New Jersey couple decided to have another child, and in 2013, they were blessed with a daughter named Maddy. Miraculously, Maddy also had PKD, just like her late brother. In the early stages of her life, Maddy struggled with the disease, experiencing swelling of the stomach and frequent hospital visits throughout her first 18 months.

Despite undergoing tubes and oxygen treatments, Maddy’s health began to deteriorate. She became utterly drained of energy, sleeping excessively for up to 18 hours a day and suffering from constant vomiting. Her situation became critical, and doctors feared for her life, stressing the urgency of finding a suitable kidney donor.

Thankfully, Maddy’s father, Paul, turned out to be a match for her. Without hesitation, he selflessly stepped forward to donate his kidney to save his daughter’s life. The operation was a resounding success, and both father and daughter emerged from the procedure well.

Karen, filled with immense relief and gratitude, shared her emotions, acknowledging that the procedure had been an emotional rollercoaster. She expressed her happiness and relief that her daughter now had boundless energy and was thriving as a happy and healthy two-year-old.

Paul, ever modest about his heroic act, stated that any parent in his position would have done the same to save their child. For him, it was simply an essential part of being a loving and caring parent. Now, with Maddy’s health restored, the family looks forward to watching her grow up, cherishing every moment with their precious daughter.

Though Maddy will require another kidney transplant in 25 years, her parents view it as a distant future, focusing on the joy of the present and the happiness that their daughter is experiencing today.

The family has been sharing Maddy’s journey on an online platform, keeping friends and well-wishers updated on her progress. The transformation in Maddy’s health has been remarkable, and the family is deeply grateful that medical intervention made it possible for their daughter to lead a happy and healthy life.

As Maddy continues her journey, her mother’s updates offer hope and inspiration to others. The love and support from those following her story are heartwarming, and everyone wishes Maddy a future filled with happiness and good health. The courage and love demonstrated by her father, Paul, continue to inspire people, highlighting the incredible bond between a parent and their child.

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