Daring Woman Defies Critics, Claims Treasure: £6,500 Street-Found Couch

A woman has responded to critics who judged and warned her about taking in a £6,500 ($8,000) sofa she found on the streets of New York City.

Encountering abandoned furniture on the street is a common experience for many, and the decision to take it or leave it often arises. Most people tend to choose the latter option. However, TikTok user Amanda Joy, known as @yafavv.mandaa, stumbled upon her ‘dream couch’ just lying by the roadside and couldn’t resist bringing it home.

Amanda Joy found the couch in New York City. Credit: TikTok/@yafavv.mandaa

In a recent video, Joy shared that she discovered the sofa exposed to the rain and later found out it was the $8,000 ‘Bubble’ couch from the French brand Roche Bobois, complete with its original label. She promptly called her dad to ask for assistance in picking it up. However, the sofa was clearly not in a usable condition. Undeterred, Joy and her family diligently cleaned it, leaving no stone unturned, and allowed it to dry for a few days before officially placing it in her home.

The sofa was from Roche Bobois. Credit: TikTok/@yafavv.manda

While Joy was ecstatic about her find, other TikTokers were horrified by her decision to bring it home. The comments section flooded with warnings about the potential presence of bugs due to the sofa’s time on the street. Drawing from their own unfortunate experiences, some shared stories of roach infestations, while others imagined the unsettling sensation of feeling something move while sitting on it.

Certain viewers pointed out that it was unlikely for an $8,000 couch to be discarded without reason. However, Joy refused to let their opinions dampen her spirits. In a subsequent video, she clarified that the sofa had been kept in her dad’s workshop for two weeks before being transferred to her apartment. She was confident that she would have noticed if it had been infested with bed bugs. Joy also emphasized that she had thoroughly cleaned the sofa on multiple occasions, although she had only captured five minutes of the entire cleaning process on camera.

Joy insisted there were no bedbugs. Credit: TikTok/@yafavv.manda

Reflecting on why the sofa was thrown away, Joy shared her personal belief, stating, “I personally think it was thrown out because it had a lot of rips that I’ve covered with pillows, and it has some stains.” She seized the opportunity and made the decision to take it in.

Let’s hope that her decision doesn’t come back to haunt her, quite literally.

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