Deceased Woman Astonishingly Found Alive and Breathing in Her Coffin During Her Own Funeral

A remarkable incident unfolded when a woman, who was on the verge of being buried forever, was unexpectedly discovered alive and breathing. Bella Montoya, a 76-year-old Ecuadorian woman, had passed away from a stroke according to reports from the BBC. Her official death certificate attributed her demise to cardiorespiratory arrest resulting from an unspecified cerebrovascular disease. In accordance with customary practices, her loved ones promptly arranged a funeral for her, during which she lay inside her casket for several hours.

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However, as her relatives began the process of dressing her for burial, they were astounded to witness signs of life. Bella’s son, Gilbert Balberán, recounted the astonishing turn of events to local news outlet El Universo, saying, “My mother started moving her left hand, opening her eyes, and making an effort to breathe.” Videos posted on social media captured the gasps for air as onlookers gathered around her.

Emergency services were immediately contacted, and Bella was swiftly transported to the nearest medical facility after paramedics assessed her vital signs. The BBC reports that she is presently in the same hospital’s intensive care unit that had initially pronounced her deceased. Gilbert expressed his amazement at the series of events, stating, “The doctor who declared my mother dead at noon was not at the facility.” He further explained to El Universo, “Another doctor saw me and provided her with oxygen, they intubated her, and she was taken to an intensive care room for observation.”

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Grasping the magnitude of the situation, Gilbert told AFP, “Little by little, I am understanding what has occurred. Now, I can only pray for my mother’s health to improve and for her to remain alive by my side.” Ecuador’s health ministry will be launching an investigation into this incident to determine how Bella was declared deceased while still exhibiting vital signs. The ministry stated in a release that resuscitation attempts had been unsuccessful after she experienced cardiorespiratory arrest, and a doctor on duty had confirmed her passing.

According to the Daily Mail, Gilbert intends to file an incident report with the local prosecutor’s office, accusing the hospital of negligence. The extraordinary occurrence has left the community and medical professionals perplexed, prompting a thorough examination of the circumstances surrounding Bella Montoya’s near-fatal misdiagnosis.

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