Dedicated Crossing Guard, 87, Retires After Nearly 55 Years of Safeguarding Children: “I Had Intended to Continue Until I Could No Longer Walk!”

After an admirable tenure of nearly 55 years safeguarding children, a dedicated crossing guard has chosen to retire and hang up her vest. Sandra Bellew, now 87 years old, bid farewell to her post in the Independence School District of Missouri, marking the conclusion of over half a century of service.

In 1968, Sandra embarked on this role, witnessing the growth of countless children throughout the passing decades. She extended her assistance not only to students but also to their offspring and even their grandchildren, ensuring their safe passage across the road.

Although her earnings were modest, the mother of seven expressed profound enjoyment and a sense of fulfillment from her job. Recounting her experiences to Good Morning America, Sandra shared, “It was a joyous feeling, and their radiant smiles were heartwarming. The students continuously expressed how much they would miss me. Many shed tears, which brought a comforting solace, knowing that they genuinely cared and would feel my absence.”

Fondly reminiscing, Sandra mentioned that she would miss encountering new acquaintances and receiving affectionate hugs from the children. She had always planned to continue her service until her mobility allowed, as she shared, “I was planning on going until I couldn’t walk.”

In a video released by the media outlet, schoolchildren presented Sandra with a hand-drawn sign bearing the message, “We will miss you, Ms. Sandra.” The vibrant and imaginative artwork, adorned with personal messages from the children, served as a testament to the affection and gratitude they held for their crossing guard. Flowers, hugs, and posters were also showered upon Sandra, symbolizing the outpouring of love she received.

However, after years of selflessly dedicating her time to the community, Sandra now intends to invest in herself. She aspires to pursue sports, specifically swimming and water aerobics, in order to maintain her strength, fitness, and overall well-being. As she embarks on this new chapter, Sandra will carry cherished memories of her meaningful interactions with generations of children she protected and nurtured.

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