Delta Burke’s Husband Stays by Her Side for 34 Years, Supporting Her Through Thick and Thin

A strong marriage can withstand any challenge.

In today’s society, it is not uncommon to witness couples who take their marital vows lightly and fail to uphold them. However, the enduring love story of Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney serves as a testament to the power of commitment, as they have faithfully honored their vows for over three decades.

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Let’s delve into the numerous trials and tribulations this remarkable couple has encountered throughout their journey. When Gerald McRaney first encountered the talented actress Delta Burke, he was captivated and determined to ask her out. However, he was fully aware of the competition, as numerous suitors vied for her attention.

Recalling the pivotal moment he took the initiative, McRaney asserted, “I refused to let her slip away. Despite the competition, I was determined to make my move without delay.”


Their connection was instantaneous, and McRaney knew deep within his heart that she was the one for him. Remarkably, on only their second date, he proposed marriage, although it would be another two years before their union became official. Finally, on May 28, 1989, they exchanged vows, sealing their lifelong commitment.

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While their journey to the altar may not have been as swift as McRaney had hoped, he was grateful to have secured the woman of his dreams. Although this marked Burke’s first marriage, it was McRaney’s third attempt. However, this time, he was resolute in his determination to make it a lasting and fulfilling partnership.

Despite doubts expressed by some of McRaney’s friends, who questioned the viability of their marriage, he consistently brushed aside such concerns. He staunchly proclaimed, “Why not? They are the only ones who truly understand this madness, and she does too. If I’m working on location and can only call her at 2 o’clock in the morning, it’s not a big deal. She understands.”

Given their shared experiences within the entertainment industry, both Burke and McRaney possessed an intimate understanding of the challenges they faced individually. Consequently, they were able to offer invaluable advice and support to one another, tackling any issues that arose.

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Moreover, they have served as each other’s unwavering champions during moments of triumph. When McRaney was bestowed with a prestigious Primetime Emmy award for his remarkable performance in “This Is Us,” Burke stood in the audience, tears welling in her eyes, wholeheartedly cheering on her beloved husband.

Reflecting on his extensive acting career, McRaney acknowledged that he has received a multitude of feedback. Nevertheless, he attaches the greatest significance to Burke’s opinions. When she praises his work or suggests areas for improvement, he knows her words stem from an authentic place of honesty and trust.

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