Determined Foster Dad Rejects Euthanasia for Front-Legless Puppy, Chooses to Grant a Second Chance

Nobby, the puppy, entered the world without front legs, and at a mere four hours old, the veterinarian advised euthanizing him, given his condition.

Nevertheless, Nubby’s owner made a resolute choice.

Nobby faced a challenging start to life, lacking front legs and struggling to reach his mother for nourishment. While his mother accepted him, his siblings rejected him, preventing him from feeding.

Furthermore, despite the sorrowful circumstances, the veterinarian believed it was best to put Nobby down. At that tender age, the little puppy was merely four hours old.

However, Lou Robinson, hailing from Texas, together with her husband Mark, who had dedicated their lives to adopting and caring for homeless and unwanted dogs, desired a different outcome. They promptly defied the vet’s recommendation and took it upon themselves to care for Nobby. Nobby became a part of Lou’s family and, from that point forward, she and her husband provided round-the-clock attention, love, security, and nourishment through a bottle. Initially, Nobby seemed to be progressing well.

“His eyes opened, his ears developed. You could hear him bark, he could smell and recognize voices,” recounted Lou Robinson to The Dodo. However, things soon took a turn.


When Nobby approached one month of age, he suddenly began sneezing. He experienced difficulties with defecation, and small bubbles emerged from his nose. An X-ray revealed an issue with Nubby’s esophagus.

Nobby received antibiotics and was placed in an incubator. The situation appeared dire, but Nobby possessed an extraordinary willpower and fighting spirit. He refused to give up, and his foster parents were determined to offer him a chance at a good life.

Thankfully, Nobby gradually improved over time. Today, three years later, this remarkable little boy has proven himself to be a true survivor.

While Nobby faces some challenges in life, he has demonstrated to the world that anything is possible. In fact, the Robinsons created a Facebook page dedicated to his adventures. Recent updates and photos reveal that Nobby is thriving more than ever.

He has grown into a resilient dog, finding joy in play and exhibiting curiosity towards life and its offerings. Additionally, he has been provided with a custom wheelchair, which assists him in moving around and engaging in play. Nobby serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that being different holds no significance.

Though the veterinarian believed Nobby should be euthanized, with the assistance of Lou and Mark, he has proven that possibilities are boundless.

Let us celebrate this remarkable dog and express our gratitude to Lou and Mark for their extraordinary efforts and dedication!

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