Detroit High School Senior Earns More Than $1.7 Million in Scholarship Offers, Unleashing a Bright Future

When it comes to her interactions with people, Tatyana Alves has adopted a consistent approach — she always presents herself in a positive light. Each day begins with cheerful greetings of “great morning,” both spoken and written. Throughout the day, she offers well-wishes of a “beautiful day” and consistently responds with “amazing” when asked about her current situation. This positive disposition has become her trademark vibe as a 17-year-old.

Tatyana Alves in the first graduating class at The School at Marygrove (Class of 2023) was voted “Most Positive.”

Among the first graduating class at The School at Marygrove in Detroit, Alves’ classmates have experienced her uplifting vibe more than anyone else. In fact, they voted her as the “Most Positive” student. Alves, one of the 95 high school seniors graduating from Marygrove, expressed her desire to see others flourish. She believes that her positive mindset has helped her discover her purpose and has had a significant impact on many people.

In 2019, Alves took a chance on a new Detroit entrance-examination school called The School at Marygrove. The school’s mission was to cultivate critical thinkers and community-minded citizens equipped with the skills and knowledge to become leaders and creators in the 21st century. Alves chose to focus on social justice and engineering. This decision has paid off remarkably well, as she has received scholarship offers totaling over $1.7 million, securing her admission to Eastern Michigan University.

The School at Marygrove seniors Tatyana Alves, left,17, and Julisa Shadwick, 18, stand on the front porch of Alves’s home in Detroit on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 as her mother talks with a reporter about her daughter.

Reflecting on her high school choice, Alves acknowledged that her school might not be as widely recognized due to its novelty. Nonetheless, she welcomed the challenge and believed that an entrance-examination school provided numerous opportunities. Alves, excited about her future, plans to study business administration at Eastern Michigan University.

The year 2020 brought an unexpected challenge when the pandemic struck, and in-person classes transitioned to online learning for the entirety of Alves’ sophomore year. She described this transition as one of the most difficult periods she had ever faced. Not only was she physically isolated from her classmates, but she also missed the vibrant Marygrove campus, which had been a significant factor in her choice of high school. Despite these setbacks, Alves managed to overcome the darkness by applying her positive mindset to set life-changing goals.

The School at Marygrove senior Tatyana Alves, center, 17, puts her hand on her face as her friend and classmate Mackenzie Wilson, 17, gets emotional as seniors that are the first graduating class from the Detroit school share their memories

One such goal involved earning a 4.0 grade-point average for a semester, as her mother had promised her a job if she achieved it. Determined to seize the opportunity, Alves raised her GPA from 2.7 to 3.3. Once she successfully attained the coveted 4.0, she secured a job as a sales associate at a nearby CVS, which not only boosted her confidence and independence but also opened new doors for personal growth.

Alves realized that true independence meant being fully self-reliant. Therefore, she understood that getting a job meant taking responsibility for her own transportation. Consequently, she set her sights on obtaining a driver’s license, which she achieved while in 11th grade at the age of 15-turning-16. This milestone marked her transition into adulthood and solidified her commitment to becoming a self-sufficient individual.

The School at Marygrove senior Tatyana Alves, center,17, helps her friend and classmate Julisa Shadwick, 18, adjust her cap after seniors received their cap and gowns on the last day of school for seniors at the school in Detroit on Friday, May 19, 2023.

Alves expresses immense gratitude towards the teachers who have supported her on her journey and the friends and classmates who have stood by her side. She has compiled a list of their names on a certificate, which she keeps neatly organized in an expansive folder alongside the numerous scholarships she has been awarded.

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