Devoted Landlord Bequeaths Property to Longtime Elderly Tenant

Jane Sayner had always worried about her financial future. As a cancer survivor living alone, she knew that her savings and plans for a comfortable retirement would mostly be consumed by healthcare expenses. She believed that she would have to work well into her 80s just to keep a roof over her head.

However, a ray of hope appeared when her landlord, John Perrett, passed away unexpectedly. Sayner had been a loyal tenant for many years, but the thought of losing her home if the property changed hands or if Perrett passed away had always troubled her. To her surprise, she discovered that Perrett had a different plan in place.

Throughout their landlord-tenant relationship, Perrett had shown exceptional care and attention to his tenants. He promptly addressed any maintenance issues and personally collected the rent each month, often engaging in lengthy conversations with Sayner about various topics. Their interactions extended beyond business matters, allowing them to discuss their families, careers, and anything else that came to mind.

Following Perrett’s passing, it was revealed that he had designated all his money and properties to be donated to charitable causes. What Sayner didn’t know was that she was among the beneficiaries chosen by Perrett himself. In a remarkable act of kindness, he had bequeathed her with a home of her own, along with a significant amount of money.

Sayner’s life took an extraordinary turn, thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of her late landlord. In addition to leaving $18 million to a hospital and providing financial support to his longtime staff, Perrett ensured that Sayner would have a secure and comfortable future.

This incredible act of kindness has touched the hearts of many. To learn more about this heartwarming story, please watch the full news coverage below.


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