Divorce Filed by Michael Halterman, ‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Star, against Amy Slaton

According to court documents, it was revealed that Michael initiated the divorce proceedings due to ongoing arguments between him and Amy over the past few months, as reported by The Sun. The disagreement between them stemmed from Amy’s insistence on having their boys continue appearing on the show, while Michael opposed the idea. A source mentioned to the publication that Michael had been displaying signs of jealousy regarding the attention Amy was giving to their children. The separation news comes less than a year after their second son, Glenn, was born in July 2022. At the time of Glenn’s birth, Amy expressed her joy, stating that their family was now complete, as shared with People.

Amy and Michael have a long history, having known each other since childhood. They briefly dated during high school but then reconnected and got married in 2019. Amy once explained that their relationship had endured throughout the years, with Michael loving and supporting her unconditionally, regardless of her weight or appearance. He was excited about becoming a father once again, although secretly he had hoped for a daughter. However, marital issues arose in February, leading Amy and her sons to move in with her sister Tammy, who is also a reality show star and had recently married Caleb Willingham.

Unfortunately, Tammy is reportedly not pleased with the living arrangements, feeling burdened by taking care of Amy and her children. A source mentioned to the Daily Mail that Tammy is willing to assist Amy but believes that she has assumed the role of raising two additional kids due to their constant presence around her home.

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