Dog Owner’s Revelation of Treats Given to Cats Garners Over 200 Million Views of Dog’s Reaction

Described by many as the ‘ultimate video on the internet’ and backed by an impressive 205 million views, it’s safe to say that a large consensus agrees. Unveiled on YouTube under the title ‘Ultimate Dog Tease,’ this particular video has become a source of immense amusement for countless viewers.

Recently, it has resurfaced and, truthfully, we couldn’t be more delighted about its resurgence. Lasting just over a minute, this hilarious video showcases an interaction between a dog owner and his furry companion regarding delicious treats tucked away in the meat drawer.

What sets this video apart and makes it so uproarious is the clever voice-over provided by the owner, making it seem as though the dog is engaging in a conversation. Initially, the owner engages his adorable pooch in a light-hearted discussion about the meat drawer, which contains mouthwatering maple bacon. The dog responds in suspenseful anticipation, uttering what seems to be little “yeahs” and “okays” in response.

The owner possesses a deep, manly voice with an East Coast accent, while the dog is given a voice that sounds more “dopey” and innocent. It’s a perfect match, especially considering the dog’s endearing eyes and inquisitive nature. However, as the conversation progresses, things take a turn.

The owner explains that he took the maple bacon from the drawer and had a thought, saying, “I know who would like that.” The dog eagerly looks back, repeatedly responding with hopeful “yeahs,” seemingly begging for a share of the bacon. In a comedic twist, the owner reveals, “Me! So, I ate it!” The dog reacts by looking away and yawning, but thanks to the clever dubbing, it appears as if he’s utterly appalled by the lack of bacon-sharing.


The owner further teases the dog by mentioning other delicacies, such as beef and chicken covered in cat treats. Each time, the dog’s excitement builds, only to be let down repeatedly as the owner consumes the treats himself or gives them to the cat. Throughout these disappointments, the dog’s yawn becomes a sound of sheer agony, thanks to the owner’s creative editing.

The video perfectly captures a conversation one could easily imagine having with their own dog. It comes as no surprise that it quickly went viral upon being uploaded, amassing over 205 million views and still counting. Commenters from all corners express the same sentiment, labeling this video as the absolute best.

“Apologies, but this will forever be the finest video on the internet 😂😂”

“I’ve been watching this video for five years, and I never tire of it. It’s fantastic for boosting morale. I wholeheartedly thank the gentleman and his incredible dog for consistently bringing a smile to my face. As a retired British soldier, it keeps me entertained during those moments when I’m feeling down 👌🏻”

“For the past eight years, my family brings up this video at least once every other month.”

It’s evident that this video will continue to bring joy for years to come. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching it yet, do yourself a favor and click ‘play’ on the video below. Don’t forget to share this gem with your friends and family.


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