Elderly Landlord Overwhelmed with Joy as He Beholds Stunning Home Renovations by Tenant

Drew Scott, a renowned DIY expert from Lone Fox, has finally fulfilled the fervent requests of his viewers by creating a highly anticipated video: giving his landlord, Roger, an exclusive tour of the apartment. At the age of 84, Roger graciously rented the upper level of his home to Drew, providing him with the freedom to paint and renovate the space to his heart’s content. This generous permission allowed Drew to unleash his creativity and metamorphose the once eclectic and disjointed rooms into a cozy, inviting apartment.

Over the course of two and a half years residing in the apartment, Drew embarked on multiple makeovers, revitalizing the living room, the breakfast nook in the kitchen, and even the peculiar room that had previously resembled a scene from a horror movie.


Now, as Drew prepares to move out and into his own home, he desired to showcase the remarkable changes he had made to the apartment. Interestingly, when he initially encountered the place, he refrained from signing the lease due to his aversion to the multitude of mirrors adorning the walls and the unsightly popcorn ceiling. However, upon expressing his concerns to the realtor, who in turn conveyed his sentiments to the landlord, Roger agreed to remove those features if Drew proceeded to sign the lease. The rest, as they say, is history.

Towards the end of his captivating “Full Apartment Tour” video, Drew hinted at the possibility of inviting Roger to view the apartment. Surprisingly, Roger accepted the invitation, and Drew eagerly prepared to astonish him with the astonishing transformations he had accomplished.

Considering Roger’s limited mobility, Drew thoughtfully assisted him by providing a desk chair equipped with wheels, allowing Roger to navigate the apartment with ease. As Roger entered the living area, his first words encapsulated his awe, exclaiming, “Oh my goodness!”


Initially, the walls of the living area were faded white, with a blue border demarcating them from the popcorn ceiling. White panels adorned the windows, and a non-functioning white fireplace graced one of the walls. However, Drew’s creativity and vision transformed this space into a radiant living area with a touch of rustic charm. Black paint now adorned the window panels and the fireplace alcove, while two luxurious brown leather couches faced each other, with a flat-screen TV mounted on the wall in between.

Impressed by the transformation, Roger playfully remarked, “This is gorgeous! I’m going to have to raise the rent.”

Moving on, Drew guided Roger to the dining area, where the original crystal chandelier remained a focal point. Rather than retaining the cutout for a china cabinet on one of the


walls, Drew decided to introduce his own creative flair. He added two wooden shelves and a bottom cabinet, painted the wall a warm brown, and incorporated a repurposed wood table.

Adjacent to the dining area, they arrived at the kitchen, tucked away in a corner of the apartment, boasting abundant windows and an empty space beside the fridge. Drew seized the opportunity to transform this area into a delightful breakfast nook, capitalizing on the abundance of natural light pouring in from both sides.


One of the most cherished rooms among Drew’s followers was his roommate Marie’s bedroom. By applying lime wash paint to the walls, Drew achieved a textured effect, further enhanced by the addition of elegant moldings. Roger couldn’t help but express his admiration, proclaiming it to be a designer’s bedroom.

Finally, Drew saved his own bedroom as the pièce de résistance. The arched windows took center stage in this space, radiating sunlight onto two sofa chairs that basked in its glow. Drew ingeniously converted a tiny alcove by the window into his office, maximizing the functionality of the room.

Overall, Roger adored every aspect of the apartment’s transformation. As an older individual, he likely would not have envisioned updating the space in the same remarkable way that Drew did. Sadly, a few months after the video was filmed, Roger passed away. Nonetheless, it brings solace to know that he had the opportunity to witness his humble abode evolve into such an elegant sanctuary before departing this world.

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