Emily Deschanel and Carla Gallo Thrilled to Launch Exclusive ‘Bones’ Rewatch Podcast, Bringing Nostalgic Reminiscences to Fans

Introducing “Boneheads with Emily Deschanel and Carla Gallo”: The Wishbone Production podcast, executive produced by Allison Bresnick, is set to air weekly on Wednesdays. Join the actresses who brought Dr. Temperance Brennan and Daisy Wick to life as they embark on a journey to rewatch the beloved Fox series from its 2005 pilot episode, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets and insightful commentary.

Deschanel, 46, shares, “While this podcast is definitely for the fans, it’s also an opportunity for us to reflect on what the show meant to us and to others. I’m thrilled for fans to hear the behind-the-scenes stories and be a part of Carla and me talking about our friendship and the delightful tangents we’ll explore.” Expect to hear from a host of Bones cast and crew as guests, including executive producer Barry Josephson, writer Hart Hanson, director Greg Yaitanes, and beloved actors such as TJ Thyne (Dr. Jack Hodgins), Eric Millegan (Dr. Zack Addy), Michaela Conlin (Angela Montenegro), and author Kathy Reichs, whose novels inspired the series.

When asked about the perfect companion for this project, Gallo, 48, star of “Devil in Ohio,” explains that their partnership strikes the ideal balance of perspectives. While Deschanel was a constant presence from the show’s inception as Temperance, Gallo’s character, Daisy, didn’t make her appearance until season 4, offering a fresh and unique point of view.

Deschanel adds, “I love our pairing because I bring the insider perspective, having been there every day, while Carla brings the outsider perspective, asking the thought-provoking questions such as ‘Why did you do that?’ and ‘What were you thinking here?’ Her fresh eyes truly enhance the experience.”

The cherished friendship between the two stars, who first met while filming Bones, promises to enrich the podcast’s charm. Deschanel affectionately shares, “We chat nonstop and can’t seem to get off the phone. We enjoy talking with each other, and we hope listeners will feel like they’re in the room with two old friends, sharing laughs and reminiscing about the show that brought us together.”

Bones captivated audiences for an impressive 12 seasons on Fox, running from September 2005 to March 2017. The series, a captivating blend of crime procedural, comedy, and drama, revolved around Deschanel’s forensic anthropologist character and David Boreanaz’s FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, as they solved intriguing cases involving enigmatic human remains. Fox’s longest-running scripted drama series to date, Bones holds a special place in Deschanel’s heart, and she aims to offer dedicated fans a “companion piece” through this podcast.

Deschanel shares her encounters with devoted fans who have watched the show multiple times, some surpassing their own viewing experiences. She remarks, “It’s incredible how the show has provided comfort and nostalgia for so many people. It has helped them through tough times, becoming a cherished part of their lives. With this podcast, we want to provide a companion piece to that experience.”

In preparation for the podcast’s July 19 debut, fans can stream all 12 seasons of Bones on Hulu. Join Emily Deschanel and Carla Gallo for “Boneheads with Emily Deschanel and Carla Gallo: A Bones Rewatch Podcast” on major podcast platforms. Get ready to delve into the world of Bones like never before and relish in the delightful camaraderie between two lifelong friends.

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