Emmy-Winning Star of ‘The Young and the Restless,’ Eric Braeden, Shares Heartbreaking Cancer Diagnosis in Emotional Video

German actor Eric Braeden courageously addressed his battle with cancer and ongoing immunotherapy treatment in a heartfelt video released on Friday.

In a recent Facebook Live session, the 82-year-old actor candidly shared his journey, revealing that he had encountered prostate issues during his recovery from knee-replacement surgery. Following a medical examination, a doctor informed him of the cancer diagnosis after detecting high-grade cancer cells near his bladder.

Despite the personal nature of the topic, Braeden acknowledged that his openness might resonate with older individuals who could benefit from his experience. The acclaimed actor, known for his Emmy-winning portrayal of Victor Newman on the long-standing CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, had been addressing his prostate concerns with medical professionals before considering a UroLift procedure.


However, upon the discovery of the aforementioned cancer cells, he underwent surgery to have them removed. Subsequently, he embarked on a six-week immunotherapy regimen.

Braeden sincerely expressed his diagnosis to his devoted fans, emphasizing the importance of supporting loved ones going through similar challenges. He acknowledged the valuable lesson he learned in listening to his body and avoiding excessive strain.

Addressing his current state, the resilient 82-year-old continued, “So if you’ve noticed me feeling a bit under the weather, yes, I have been. But I will conquer this. Cancer won’t defeat me; I will overcome it. I will be back in top form before you know it.” He further encouraged individuals to extend their support when encountering a family member or friend battling cancer, assuring them that survival is achievable thanks to significant advancements in cancer treatment.

Regarding his role on The Young and the Restless, which he has portrayed since 1980, Braeden expressed his eagerness to continue working and credited acting as a source of solace. He finds joy in entertaining people and appreciates the unwavering support he receives.

Let us send our sincerest well wishes to Eric Braeden as he embarks on this challenging journey. May we envision a future where cancer no longer plagues our world. If you have known someone who fought against cancer, kindly share this article to raise awareness and support.

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