Emotional Reunion: Stolen Baby Donkey Finally Reunites with ‘Distressed’ Crying Mother

Prepare to be filled with warmth and joy as I share this heartwarming tale of an adorable baby donkey’s reunion with her loving mother after a heartless act of theft. Brace yourself for cuteness overload.

Moon, a precious two-month-old foal, was snatched from her home on May 15, leaving her owners devastated and deeply concerned for her well-being, especially since she had not yet been weaned from her mother. The owners, residing at Miller’s Ark, a farm in Hook, Hampshire, launched a campaign to locate the 1ft 6ins donkey, desperate to bring her back safely.

Moon was found following a tip off from a member of the public. Credit: Facebook/Miller’s Ark

After a harrowing wait, the owners received the incredible news last night (May 31) that little Moon had been found safe and sound, although more than 60 miles away in Buckinghamshire. With the assistance of Thames Valley Police, Moon’s owners embarked on a journey to retrieve their precious baby donkey, leading to a deeply touching reunion with Elizabeth Miller, the owner of Miller’s Ark.

In a heartwarming video, an overjoyed Elizabeth can be seen embracing little Moon, repeatedly exclaiming, “Look who’s back!” and “My baby!” The relief and happiness are palpable in the air as Moon is finally back where she belongs.

Relieved volunteer Pamela Jessop shared the details of Moon’s discovery, explaining that a vigilant member of the public spotted her on land near a stable. She said, “We are beyond ecstatic, we are trying to find the words but are very emotional. We are thrilled that Moon and her mum are back together. It had been over two weeks, and though hope was never lost, the expanding timeframe made us wonder, ‘Are we losing our chance? Is she okay?’ But she was being cared for and appears to be in good health. She was so elated to see us that her tail was swishing with joy.”

Moon has now been reunited with her mum. Credit: Facebook/Miller’s Ark

Moon’s abduction captured the attention of numerous individuals who shared information in hopes of bringing her home. The news of her safe return was met with great enthusiasm and support. Miller’s Ark shared a post announcing the joyous reunion, stating, “Yesterday evening, we traveled to Buckinghamshire, collaborated with Thames Valley Police, and successfully recovered little Moon. We are beyond thrilled, and mother and foal are finally reunited. Moon seems to be in good health, thank heavens, and we will shower her and her mother, Astra, with love and care as they rediscover each other.”

The Hampshire and Isle of White Constabulary also issued a statement on June 1, confirming Moon’s recovery. They revealed, “Baby donkey Moon, a mere 12 weeks old, was stolen from Millers Ark Animals on Blackstock Lane sometime before 5 p.m. on Monday, May 15. Late last night, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary received information from the farm about Moon. Immediately, we dispatched officers to an address on White House Lane in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. At around 8:15 p.m., the stolen donkey was located, recovered, and returned, much to the delight of the owners.”

This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the power of community, perseverance, and the love shared between humans and animals. May little Moon and her devoted mother, Astra, enjoy a lifetime of happiness and care together.

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