Emotional Reunion: Woman Reunites with Beloved Dog Missing for 19 Days Following Crash

In the Colorado mountains, a tragic accident occurred, throwing Bentley from the vehicle. Despite weeks passing with no sign of the beloved Goldendoodle, his devoted owner, Samantha Orr, refused to lose hope. In the summer of 2018, Samantha and her mother Jennifer embarked on a family trip to Colorado. However, their journey took a devastating turn when a large rock obstructed their path, causing Jennifer to swerve and veer off the road, plummeting 600 feet down the mountainside.

Tragically, Samantha’s mother did not survive the crash, and Samantha herself sustained severe injuries, including displaced ribs and compressed vertebrae. Amidst her profound grief, Samantha also grappled with the uncertainty surrounding Bentley, who had been in the Jeep at the time of the accident. Determined to find her loyal companion, Samantha witnessed Bentley being thrown from the car, as recounted on the Facebook page titled “Bring Bentley Home.”

“My mom and my dog were my best friends,” Samantha tearfully shared with KOAA. She implored the public to join the search, believing that locating Bentley would bring much-needed closure to her grieving family. However, as two weeks passed with no sign of Bentley, hope began to waver. Nevertheless, the family maintained a lingering sense that Bentley was still out there, alive and frightened.

“We know he is still out there and scared,” Samantha expressed in a heartfelt Facebook post. “We need to get Bentley back home to Kansas to his grieving family.” Despite the uncertainty, Samantha’s determination did not waver. Then, after several days of silence on the Facebook page, Samantha received a message from Joseph Stratmann, a man who had been actively searching for Bentley, leaving food near the crash site.

Nineteen days after the accident, on a Saturday morning, Samantha met Joseph in the mountains to continue their search. Astonishingly, they caught sight of Bentley. However, Bentley remained hesitant to approach them, consumed by fear. “Eventually his fear got the best of him, and he made his way to the ridge (top),” Samantha posted. “I slowly but surely followed him, upon reaching the summit, I could see him watching me.”

Samantha laid out some food and a new toy, but Bentley remained reluctant to move. Realizing he needed space, Samantha decided to give him time. She also recorded a video of Bentley on her phone, capturing the emotional moment. Bentley was seen in the distance, perched at the crash site, gazing down at the wreckage of the Jeep. Samantha’s tears of joy and longing were audible.

Then, as if connecting the dots, Bentley made the decision to draw closer. Samantha pleaded, “It’s momma… Good boy… come, come.” After a moment of hesitation, Bentley’s assurance was restored, and he darted towards Samantha, finally reunited with his grieving owner.

Expressing her gratitude, Samantha took to Facebook to thank Joseph, the rescuer who played a vital role in Bentley’s return. She wrote, “Joe was my living guardian angel Saturday. He safely led me up the mountain, kept me calm and positive, everything I needed in that moment. At times he was a human stepping stool for me when I had no foot placement while climbing the mountain on all fours. This incredible man is the reason I was able to engage with my traumatized Bentley. Had it not been for Joe, this puppy would not have returned home. Thank you so much, Joe.”

On her blog, Samantha shared her experience of grappling with grief following the accident and how she found ways to cope. She acknowledged that nothing could alleviate the pain of losing her mother but emphasized that having Bentley back was a significant solace, easing her burden of loss. Samantha expressed everlasting gratitude for having her “mountain man” safely at home and contemplated the experiences Bentley must have encountered during those days. As she watched him sleep peacefully, she couldn’t help but feel immense pride in him.

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