Expert Orchid Cultivator Eliminates Watering Guesswork Through In-Depth Tutorial

The garden plays a vital role in the overall essence of a home as it serves as both an introduction to and reflection of the household.

Those who truly understand the significance of a garden also possess the knowledge and skills to care for their plants in the best possible manner.

When we speak of “taking good care,” we refer to the correct and proper methods of tending to plants.

The requirements for plant care can vary greatly, especially considering the intense heat experienced during the summer months, which seems to escalate with each passing year.

While succulents may not be greatly affected, other plants that rely on being outdoors to obtain adequate nutrients for healthy growth face challenges.

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can prove harmful to many flowering plants, such as orchids.

It becomes crucial to exercise extra caution when the external temperature becomes excessively high.

Fortunately, an exceptionally knowledgeable individual and his YouTube channel, known as “Grandpa’s Orchids,” are available to guide us in the proper watering techniques for our beloved orchids.

This Ukrainian gentleman’s expertise is evident in the abundance of blooms he achieves. By utilizing the “closed captions” feature on social media, we can meticulously follow his detailed instructions.

One of his primary tips is to water orchids every 7-10 days, particularly when temperatures are elevated.

Orchids thrive when provided with fresh air and sufficient sunlight, but it is important to avoid subjecting them to direct sunlight.

In his tutorial, he commences by pouring a full mug of water over his orchid and adding orchid fertilizers.

He emphasizes the significance of thorough watering. After applying the fertilizers, he proceeds to add another mug of water, allowing it to settle for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

This process facilitates optimal nutrient absorption by the orchid and ensures the soil is adequately moist.

During this waiting period, he attentively removes any dried leaves and trims the dry flower stalks, preserving what is living and eliminating what is dead.

Additionally, he inspects the roots, removing any that appear dry.

By following this practice, the orchid can fully absorb the nutrients present in the soil.

He employs the “double-pot technique” to facilitate this process. This technique was originally introduced as a simple method for soil testing, where seedlings simultaneously absorb nutrients from the soil being investigated and nutrient solutions with varying compositions.

After the 20-minute waiting period, he removes the inner pot and drains the water into the outer pot.

Subsequently, he pours the water back into the inner pot, allowing it to drain naturally, providing the orchid with a final gulp of fresh and nutritious water.

He emphasizes the importance of keeping the pots clean both inside and out, highlighting the need to prevent the formation of any bacteria that could harm the plant.

Ensuring the outer pot is thoroughly cleaned, he returns the inner pot to its original position, thereby concluding his tutorial.

Orchid enthusiasts have shown great appreciation for his efforts. His straightforward yet highly informative video titled “How to Water an Orchid” has garnered over 8.1 million views from people worldwide.

In fact, one of his viewers openly expressed their admiration for the gentleman featured in the video, stating, “I have never seen an orchid like that! I didn’t know they could bloom so exquisitely! This is the first time I truly comprehend the allure of these plants. With just 2 or 3 flowers, they can appear somewhat mundane, but this is on another level! I am sending you hope and prayers!”

Witness the astounding blooms achieved by Grandpa’s Orchids in the captivating video below! Don’t forget to share this valuable information with your friends and family.

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