Father-Daughter Duo, Rory Feek and 8-Year-Old Indy, Delight with a Heartwarming Duet: ‘Her Pride Shines Bright’

“There is no greater joy than sharing your passion with your child.

From the early days as a little baby, Indiana “Indy” Feek would join her parents, Rory and Joey Feek, on stage during their shows. Even after the heartbreaking loss of Joey to cervical cancer when Indy was just two years old, Rory continued to perform, and Indy kept gracing the stage with her father.

Recently, Indy expressed her heartfelt desire to perform alongside her father, a moment that filled Rory’s heart with joy. Without hesitation, Rory knew the perfect song for this occasion – one he had cherished for decades. He had previously taught the lyrics to his oldest daughter, Heidi, when she was Indy’s age.

The chosen song was “Daddy What If” by Shel Silverstein. Rory thoughtfully adapted the lyrics from “Daddy” to “Papa” to match the endearing name Indy calls him. Together, they practiced diligently, and Indy beamed with pride as she mastered the song, knowing she would sing it alongside her Papa.

A heartwarming surprise awaited the audience at a Christmas-time performance when Indy joined Rory on stage to sing the song in front of a room filled with people who had traveled from across the country to be there. The moment was nothing short of special and touched the hearts of everyone present.

The experience sparked an idea in Rory’s mind. Why not record the song in a studio? Why not create their own video for it? To celebrate Father’s Day, Rory released the beautiful song performed by the father-daughter duo.

In the midst of the joyous occasion, Rory couldn’t help but think of his own father, Joey’s father Jack, and his older daughters Heidi and Hopie. He cherished the gift of being a father to them and to Indiana. The memory of Joey was also ever-present, imagining how she would have adored this moment – witnessing their little one sing with her Papa and seeing the young lady she had become. Joey’s musical legacy lives on through her daughter, and Rory couldn’t be prouder.”

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