Father Responds to Terrifying Scream, Discovers Coyote Attempting to Drag Toddler

In Woodland Hills, California, a heroic incident unfolded as Ariel Eliyahuo valiantly rescued his 2-year-old daughter from a terrifying coyote attack.

Coyotes, known for their potential danger, particularly to small pets and children, are active both day and night.

On what seemed like an ordinary day, Eliyahuo had just picked up his daughter, Ariya, from daycare. As he turned away briefly to retrieve something from his car, a spine-chilling scream pierced the air. He swiftly turned back and was met with the alarming sight of a coyote seizing Ariya by her legs, attempting to drag her away.

Reacting instantly, Eliyahuo scooped up Ariya into his arms, fearlessly scaring the coyote off. To dissuade the aggressive animal from further attacks, he hurled a water bottle at it. Ensuring Ariya’s safety, he rushed her inside and entrusted her to his wife before darting back outside to confirm the coyote’s departure from their yard.

In the aftermath, Ariya was promptly taken to the Emergency Room to receive treatment for her scratches and rabies shots. Meanwhile, local authorities are diligently working to locate the aggressive coyote.

For more insights into this harrowing daylight encounter, watch the comprehensive news story below.

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