Final Wish Granted: Hospice Helps Fulfill 79-Year-Old Woman’s Desire to Reunite with Beloved Horse

Many of us never have the opportunity to witness the fulfillment of dying wishes, making them a precious gift that often remains unfulfilled. The transient and sudden nature of death, combined with life’s fragility, means that only a fortunate few possess the time and means to realize their final desires.

Sometimes, these wishes can be as simple as gathering loved ones by one’s bedside before passing away. Others yearn to revisit a cherished place or meet a personal idol or hero. In the case of Karina Courtmanche, a 79-year-old resident of Bethany, Connecticut, her dying wish was remarkably uncomplicated: to see her beloved horse, Bella, one last time.

Karina, currently under hospice care, has been informed by her caretakers that her remaining time is limited. Since Bella entered her life as a foal, the bond between the two has undoubtedly grown unbreakable over the years.

In the advanced stages of her terminal illness, Karina expressed her heartfelt desire to reunite with Bella before her passing. Michelle Walker, an RN Case Manager from Connecticut Hospice, shared that Courtmanche repeatedly expressed her yearning to see her loyal four-legged companion, Bella. “We were conversing with her, and she kept mentioning her horse Bella, emphasizing her desire to see her,” explained Walker.

Considering Karina’s condition, arranging a visit to the stables for her to see Bella was no simple task. However, fueled by their determination, Walker and the staff at Karina’s nursing home worked together to ensure that every possible effort was made to make the reunion a reality.

Collaborating diligently, they organized an ambulance ride for Karina to Bittersweet Farm, Bella’s residence. The logistics were planned meticulously, ensuring that Karina had a stretcher and immediate medical care available if required. Needless to say, the meeting between Karina and Bella was an emotionally charged event, bringing tears to the eyes of those present. Karina had the opportunity to feed Bella carrots and tenderly stroke her nose, expressing her affection.

“I am thrilled that we could grant her this final wish. It holds great importance to her, and therefore, it is of utmost importance to us,” added Walker.

After Karina’s passing, Bella will continue to receive loving care at Bittersweet Farm, as per reports.

You can watch the heartwarming video of Karina’s visit to see Bella below:

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