Five Heart-Wrenching Words: Morgan Fairchild Opens Up About Her Partner’s Loss

Morgan Fairchild, widely adored for her role in General Hospital, has recently shared a heart-wrenching revelation about her longtime partner, Mark Seiler. After 36 years together, Seiler has passed away. The actress took to social media to express her grief and inform everyone of the tragic news.

Seiler had been battling Parkinson’s disease for a considerable time, but it was complications from long COVID that ultimately claimed his life. In a poignant tweet, Fairchild wrote, “It seems to be Long Covid that took his life after his 3rd infection,” and she left five heartfelt words as a lesson to others, “Hold your loved ones close.”

On her Instagram, the 73-year-old actress posted a touching tribute, sharing an old picture of them as a couple. She captioned it with fond memories, “He was a warm, brilliant & very funny man, and I am devastated.” She urged people to consider wearing masks and added the hashtag #BeKind, along with heart and flower emojis.

The acting community rallied around Fairchild, offering their condolences. Actor Mark Hamill sent her a supportive tweet, to which she responded with gratitude. American journalist Deborah Roberts also expressed sympathy for her loss, noting the joy Seiler seemed to exude and hoping that memories would provide solace.

Mark Seiler had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2016, and although the couple had been engaged for a long time, they hadn’t made concrete plans to get married. In June 2020, Fairchild revealed that Seiler was receiving care in a nursing home while she stayed in their home.

Their enduring commitment to each other was evident in their 36-year relationship, and they had embraced the idea of growing older together without the need for formalizing their partnership through marriage.

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