Formerly Abandoned Baby Now Leads $62 Million-Valued Company as CEO

Life on this planet typically begins with the fortunate circumstance of being born into a loving family, providing us with the care and support needed for our growth and well-being. However, Freddie Figgers, aged 32, experienced a profoundly different start in life that can only be described as far from ordinary.

Abandoned on the streets as a newborn by his birth mother, Freddie faced a heart-wrenching reality from the very beginning. Reflecting on his past, he candidly states, “My mother discarded me like everyday waste.” His life took an unexpected turn when Nathan and Betty Figgers, desiring a son, embraced him as their own, offering him a new lease on life through adoption.

Recalling the kindness of his adoptive parents, Freddie shared on his website, “Encountering people like them is truly astonishing. To this day, I have never crossed paths with my biological parents, nor have I had any inclination to do so.” As Freddie grew older, his remarkable talent for understanding the inner workings of electronic devices became evident. Before reaching the age of ten, he was already dismantling and reassembling a computer gifted to him by his father in 1989.

By the time he turned twelve, Freddie had secured his first job as a computer technician. Merely three years later, he ventured into developing a cloud database in his own backyard, effectively becoming his own boss. As adulthood approached, Freddie, despite lacking a formal college education, established Figgers Communications, a telecommunications company that would eventually flourish into Figgers Wireless, a black-owned firm valued at an astonishing $62.3 million.

Not only did Freddie excel in the business realm, but he also nurtured his creative side. During his youth, he began inventing devices to aid his adoptive father, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. One of his inventions included a pair of shoes equipped with a two-way communication device and GPS tracker, enabling Freddie to locate and communicate with his father whenever necessary.

Currently, Freddie is channeling his efforts towards creating innovative devices to assist individuals with diabetes. In a Facebook post from August, he expressed, “Diabetes is a pressing public health issue rapidly reaching epidemic proportions worldwide. Its prevalence is alarmingly increasing, affecting 1 in 12 adults nationwide and even becoming prevalent among children.”

Recognizing the exploitation by large diabetic medical supply corporations, Freddie decided to take action. Rather than selling his invention to these companies, he chose to prioritize the well-being and affordability of patients. His invention offers comprehensive remote management for diabetics, addressing their needs 24/7, while keeping it affordable for all. Freddie firmly stands by his mission, stating, “We prioritize people over profit.”

Undeniably, Freddie Figgers has lived an extraordinary life thus far, and it is certain that his inspiring journey will continue to resonate with others in the future. Freddie, we applaud your accomplishments and wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.

Let us honor Freddie Figgers by sharing his story and spreading inspiration.

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