French Husband Accused of Ten-Year Cycle of Drugging Wife, Recording Over 83 Assaults by Men Found on Disturbing Website Promoting Non-consensual Acts on Unconscious Victims

In a horrifying cycle of abuse spanning a decade, a French man has been accused of drugging his wife and orchestrating the rape of his wife by at least 83 individuals. Identified as ‘Dominique P,’ he allegedly recruited his wife’s attackers from an online forum called ‘Without Her Knowing,’ a platform where users discuss engaging in non-consensual sexual acts with unwitting partners. Dominique stored evidence of the assaults on a USB drive under the file name ‘ABUSES.’

The accused husband, residing in Mazan near Avignon, is said to have used the sedative drug Lorazepam, discreetly mixing it into his wife’s meals to render her unconscious. Subsequently, he invited men to engage in sexual acts with her while she was in an incapacitated state at their residence.

The horrifying reality came to light in 2020 when Dominique was arrested for filming unsuspecting customers in a supermarket in nearby Carpentras. A subsequent search of his home in Provence uncovered camera equipment and numerous videos depicting his wife’s abuse. Investigators also discovered that Dominique had organized the assaults through an internet forum called ‘à son insu’ (‘without him/her knowing’) while his wife was asleep.

Authorities have identified 92 instances of rape committed against Françoise, the pseudonym given to Dominique’s wife, covering the period between 2011 and 2020. They have compiled a list of 83 individuals implicated in the assaults, although some assailants remain unidentified.

The accused individuals include a firefighter, a municipal councilor, a prison guard, a nurse, and a journalist. By 2021, 33 suspects had already been incarcerated, while nine others were under arrest.

Louis-Alain Lemaire, a lawyer representing some of the suspects, claimed that some of his clients believed Françoise was feigning unconsciousness as part of a sexual game. However, investigators argued that the assailants must have been aware of her drugged state, as Dominique allegedly briefed them before each episode of abuse.

During the assaults, which took place within Françoise and Dominique’s home, no violence or threats were employed by Dominique to coerce compliance. The prosecution contends that each individual had the free will to halt the acts and depart.

It is believed that several rapists frequented the residence on multiple occasions, with many claiming ignorance regarding Françoise’s lack of consent. They were instructed to park their vehicles away from the house and avoid introducing strong odors such as tobacco or perfume that could potentially awaken her.

The existence of the incriminating videos came to light during a preliminary investigation into Dominique in 2020, prompted by suspicions of him using a concealed camera to film women in the process of changing clothes in a supermarket.

A trial is expected to occur in the following year, and Dominique could face a maximum sentence of 20 years if found guilty.

Upon discovering the tapes, Françoise, who endured gynecological problems, chronic fatigue, and lapses in memory, has reported battling depression. Medical examinations revealed that she had contracted four sexually transmitted infections. Consequently, she has initiated divorce proceedings.

Dominique, however, expressed his love for his wife to the investigating magistrates, with his lawyer asserting that Françoise was his first and only true love.

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