Generous Lottery Winner Donates Over Half of $145 Million Prize

Check out this amazing story about Frances Connolly, a former social worker and teacher, who won a staggering £115 million (equivalent to $145 million) in the EuroMillions lottery back in 2019. Rather than keeping the entire sum for herself, Frances decided to dedicate the majority of her winnings to charitable causes, demonstrating her incredible generosity.

Frances, aged 55, and her husband Paddy, aged 57, agreed to allocate a budget for charitable endeavors. The couple’s commitment to giving back led them to select a different charity each year to support using the funds they received from the lottery. Their passion for helping others prompted them to exhaust their allocated budget for charitable work until 2032. To facilitate their philanthropic efforts, Frances and Paddy established two foundations: one named after Frances’ late mother, Kathleen Graham, and the other called PFC Trust, based in Hartlepool. PFC Trust focuses on assisting refugees, the elderly, and local young carers. Fundraising events are also organized to generate additional funds for those in need.

Frances’ dedication to philanthropy began even before her lottery win. She had always been eager to lend a helping hand, not just through financial contributions but also by donating her time and service. Her passion for making a difference in the lives of others started at a young age when she began volunteering at the St. John Ambulance, a charity dedicated to teaching first aid and supporting the national emergency response system in England. Even during her time as a student in Belfast, she contributed to setting up a helpline for AIDS.

Since winning the lottery, Frances has already given away over $75 million to various causes. Although she doesn’t keep track of her donations, she jokingly admitted that her husband might worry if he knew the extent of her charitable contributions.

For Frances, giving back brings her immense happiness and excitement. It has become a fulfilling addiction for her. Winning the lottery provided her with an opportunity to pursue her passion for helping others on a larger scale. She described it as a “buzz” and expressed her delight at being able to do what she loves.

Despite their newfound wealth, Frances and Paddy refrained from indulging in extravagant personal expenditures. The most significant purchase they made was a six-bedroom home in County Durham with seven acres of land. The majority of their winnings were channeled into charitable donations. Paddy continues to operate his plastic businesses and drives a second-hand Aston Martin.

Frances acknowledges that her efforts alone cannot solve poverty entirely. Therefore, she continuously seeks ways to enhance the foundations and trusts she established, aiming to benefit as many people as possible. Her kindness and selflessness serve as an inspiring example to all.

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