Heartbroken Mom Devastated as No One Attends Her Three-Year-Old Daughter’s Minnie Mouse-Themed Birthday Party

A devastated mother experienced heartbreak when nobody attended her daughter’s third birthday party. The mother, identified as Gloria, had meticulously organized a Minnie Mouse-themed gathering for her daughter, Daleyza. Their backyard in Modesto, California, was adorned with pink balloons, shimmering streamers, and an ample number of chairs to accommodate up to 20 guests. In an 18-second video, Gloria showcased the themed decorations, featuring a delightful table of treats as the centerpiece.

To her dismay, the dining tables surrounded by 20 folding chairs remained empty throughout the event. The video concluded with a heart-wrenching shot of Daleyza joyfully jumping on a Minnie Mouse-patterned moon bounce, accompanied by a solitary adult. Overlaying text on the desolate scene, Gloria expressed her sadness: “My baby turned three and no one came to her party. I cooked and made a bunch of pastries. I was excited to celebrate with family and friends. No one showed up for her.”

The clip quickly garnered an outpouring of support from fellow social media users. One empathetic comment read, “That’s so messed up! Next time invite me, girl. I will bring my whole family, who will bring all types of food and gifts.” Another person wrote, “Your daughter is blessed to have you as a mother. You and your daughter deserve better friends/family.” However, there was a glimmer of hope in the midst of disappointment.

In a subsequent video, Gloria shared that her niece had traveled an astonishing 1,296 miles to attend the party. Despite canceling all her plans, she made it to the celebration, surprising Gloria and Daleyza. Gloria revealed in the comments that her niece also held the role of godmother for her daughter, saying, “She’s very busy always, and she was able to make time for her.”

Furthermore, kind-hearted TikTok strangers came to their aid. One comment on the original video expressed, “I found your link for Amazon in your bio! I ordered her a couple of things!! I hope she likes them!” Shortly after, a new video surfaced on Gloria’s TikTok, showcasing Daleyza’s delight as she unwrapped two Amazon packages. The little girl’s face lit up as she discovered a Minnie Mouse book and a Minnie Mouse bracelet.

The TikTok ended with Gloria expressing her gratitude, exclaiming, “Thank you so much for the bracelet and the book. It’s such a beautiful gift, thank you! She loves it, she loves loves loves it.”

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